18 Apr 201820 Apr 2018

Devoxx France is a conference in 2 highlights, over 3 days. The first day, called “University”, allows you to attend long presentations and participate in workshops. For example a session on Docker, then a workshop on Angular 2, and finally presentations of tools at the end of the day.

On Thursday and Friday, Devoxx France offers Keynotes first, prestigious speakers, then a cycle of 8 conferences, all 50 minutes. You can build your own agenda and follow different sessions as you wish.

Coming from the Java community, Devoxx France has opened over the years and welcomes developers in general. From the Web to Security, via Cloud Computing, our selection committee sorts and selects 230 proposals out of 900 applications.

Devoxx France is part of the family of Devoxx conferences (Belgium, England, Poland, Morocco and USA). Our community brings together more than 10,000 developers around the world