Virtual Summit

20 Sep 2018

MediaOps, the company behind technical communities such as Container Journal, Security Boulevard, DevOps TV and more, along with our founding sponsor, CA Technologies, are very proud to produce “The DevOps Experience.”

The DevOps Experience is the industry’s first truly immersive, virtual reality DevOps Conference. More than a series of strung together Google Hangouts, the DevOps Experience is a true virtual conference, replete with actual theaters to view the keynotes and presentations, a conference lobby to chat and socialize, a real virtual trade show floor with virtual exhibitor stands equipped with video, downloads and even schwag for you to take.

Our sessions feature leading names in the industry and are really aimed at practitioners, managers and those who are really involved or want to be in DevOps and digital transformation.

In an age where it seems that there is another conference to go to every week, the beauty of the DevOps Experience is that you can attend from the comfort of your work desk, laptop or even your phone. No hotels, no airplanes, no travel – no traffic or parking garages. Log in – listen, learn, network, enjoy.