03 Apr 2019

CloudBees cordially invites you to attend the Powering the Continuous Economy in the Financial Sector Day, which we will be hosted on 3rd April 2019 at Altitude 360, on the 29th Floor of the Millbank Tower.

Join us as we look to discuss the below frequently asked questions, along with many others that are on your mind.

- What does Continuous Delivery mean in the Finance industry?

- How can you incorporate the technical legacy of systems that have evolved over many years into a DevOps approach?

- Learn how to scale agile practices and transition them to Continuous Delivery.

- How to remain compliant while accelerating delivery?

- How can you automate the integration and testing across multiple subsystems?

- Learn how to overcome typical barriers to a successful introduction of Agile/Continuous software development?

- How will containers and microservices impact the future of software delivery and DevOps?

- Can DevOps automation make IT processes faster, more efficient and trustworthy for production?

- How to improve your software quality and secure coding?