It is well understood that DevOps helps organizations deliver better software faster but, how do you quantify the value it  provides to your business and where do you focus your efforts.

For this webinar we have assembled a panel which includes Gary Gruver, who has successfully implemented DevOps at scale at HP and, and Buffi Gresh, a business value specialist who has interviewed over 100 companies to identity and measure the value recognized by implementing  continuous delivery and DevOps at scale.

The panel will discuss and answer attendee questions on topics including:

  • From a business value perspective why do you think that companies should consider investing in DevOps?

  • Where do you see different organizations realizing the most business value from adopting DevOps?

  • What is the best approach to adopting DevOps? Top-down, bottom-up or both?

  • What is the role of a shared services or DevOps team?