Are you running your code on a local SCM on premises but are thinking about moving your first project to the public cloud? In this webinar you will learn how you could benefit from Codeship’s hybrid CI/CD approach that allows you to run your code on your local SCM behind a firewall but conduct your automated testing on Codeship’s public cloud CI/CD platform.

With more Enterprises than ever before lowering costs and achieving higher development productivity by leveraging the public cloud with tools like Github, Gitlab, AWS, Google Cloud and more it might be time to look at how a hosted, cloud CI/CD tool can bring your cloud-native strategy to the next level. We want to help you be an early champion in your organization to become truly cloud-native with Codeship.

Codeship is the only public cloud, SaaS CI/CD tool flexible enough and secure enough for forward-leaning Enterprises, and with support for locally hosted SCMs like Github Enterprise and Bitbucket Server we offer a hybrid approach that lets you keep your code secure while keeping costs down.