CloudBees DevOptics Comparison

DevOptics Free vs. DevOptics Premium


DevOptics Free
DevOptics Premium
Jenkins OSS integrator - Use Jenkins OSS
CloudBees Core integrator - Use CloudBess Core
CD Platform Monitoring with Run Insights

7 days viewable data on CD platform

More than 7 days viewable data on CD platform
Track unlimited number of Masters
Current Activity Bar * Active Runs * Idle Executors * Runs Waiting to Start * Average Time Waiting to Start * Current Time to Idle
Runs completed per day
Average time to complete a run
Activity by hour of the day
Runs by Node Label
Real-Time Value Streams

Visual Editor - allows you to quickly map your value streams

Json Editor - allows you to create/edit value streams in code
End to End Value Stream visualization
Integrations with Jira to drill down to details for Jira tickets
Track Git Commits
Track BitBucket Commits
Track GitLab Commits
Search - Search Value Streams by ticket ID or assignee
Time Filter - Value Stream based on a selected time range
Commit/Ticket Filter at any gate and drill into the details
Map all dependencies in a value stream and track progress
Industry Standard DevOps Performance Metrics

Deployment Fequency - THe frequency of successful runs of any deployments in a value stream

Mean Lead Time - Mean time for a ticket and commits to successfully flow from entry point to final destination
Mean Time To Recover - The time it takes for pipelines/jobs across a value stream to return to a successful state after a failure
Change Failure Rate - Percentage of non successful runs jobs/pipelines across a value stream caused by new changes
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Online Support

Gold Support
Platinum Support

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