Friday 25th September

We’re excited to highlight all of the add-on workshop opportunities we have available, to provide you with learning in a variety of areas. All workshops will take place on Friday, September 25. Spaces are limited and registration will close on Thursday, September 10.

CloudBees CI Workshop - Manage Continuous Integration at Scale

These labs will provide hands-on examples that will show you how CloudBees CI enables shared services teams and Jenkins admins to provide highly scalable and easily manageable continuous integration for all of your software delivery teams.
8:00am -10:00am PST Speaker: Tyler Johnson

Getting Started with Jenkins Configuration as Code

8:00am -10:00am PST

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to configure Jenkins by code and improve the maintenance process of Jenkins. You will learn how to configure Jenkins from code, use git version control system to track changes and easily rollback when problems occurs.

Speaker: Leonard Sheng Sheng Lee

CloudBees CI Workshop - A Developer Centric Experience

1030am-1230pm PST

These labs will provide hands-on examples that will show you how CloudBees CI enables developers to spend less time on admin tasks and more time coding.

Speaker: Elena Martinez

Free Tools for Evaluating Open Source Dependencies and Risk

1030am-1230pm PST

OSS Index is a free catalogue of open source components and scanning tools to help developers identify vulnerabilities, understand risk, and keep their software safe. In this workshop, Jim Manico will show how to use OSS Index to access risk assessment information about open source components using OSS Index.

Speaker: Jim Manico

Hands-On Workshop: Getting Starting With Feature Flags

1:00pm-3:00pm PST

This workshop is a must attend for software developers and engineering management looking for hands-on experience with feature flags. Attendees will receive a demo and learn best practices for getting started with feature flagging using the CloudBees Feature Flags platform.

Speaker: Grigory Avsyuk

Measuring and Projecting the Business Impact of DevOps: A Hands-On Workshop

1:00pm-3:00pm PST

This workshop will introduce the CloudBees pillars of DevOps business value: operational efficiency, resource optimization and downstream KPI impact, and get you started using these components to put together your own story. We’ll show you how to translate efficiency gains and common metrics into quantified economic figures, which you can use to report up to management to gain visibility for your accomplishments and win executive and organizational backing for your desired DevOps improvements and enterprise initiatives.

Speaker: Pete Heller

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