DevOps World Program

DevOps World Program

Track Types


The event is the largest gathering of DevOps practitioners in the world. It provided a meeting place for them to learn, network and shape the future of software development.
Attendees had an opportunity to:

  • Network with other practitioners and industry experts
  • Learn about the latest best practices implemented by Fortune 1000 companies
  • Join discussions with peers about common DevOps problems

Open Source Community

DevOps World united thousands of open source users, members and contributors at the event to:

  • Collaborate with other developers and projects
  • Get the latest and greatest updates from project leads
  • Learn best practices from project leaders and committers
  • Deep dive into the newest open technologies, trends, and tooling for continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and much more.

Leadership (New!)

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The newly created DevOps World Leadership Track, chaired by independent analyst firm Accelerated Strategies Group, was designed to provide attendees access to strategic business thinking and deep technical expertise. Delivered via a mix of presentations, panels, hands-on exercises and interaction with peers, the Leadership Forum ran throughout the entire conference to educate and equip a whole new generation of digital leaders.

Session Types

Panelist Speakers

Breakout session

Traditional slide presentation and Q&A that features use cases, best practices, demos, and/or roadmap discussions. Breakout sessions have 1 lead presenter and up to 2 additional co-presenters.


Moderated discussion focused on an industry-relevant topic which includes 1 panel moderator and up to 5 panelists.

Lightning talk

Quick, topic-specific presentation that can include a short presentation deck or demo. Up to 2 lightning talks focused on similar topics or themes are grouped into one, 30-minute time slot. Maximum of 2 presenters.


Interactive content providing hands-on experience with a particular product or technology. Workshops can be 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3.5 hours (half-day). Workshops have 2 lead instructors, and up to 3 co-instructors.

Key Topics

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    Adoption of modern tools, technology and architecture

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    DevOps at Scale

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    Organizational and cultural Changes

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    Open source projects

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    Modern tooling and methodologies

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    Interesting use-cases

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    DevSecOps, Security, Compliance and Governance

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    DevOps as a Digital Transformation Strategy

Watch DevOps World On Demand

Watch DevOps World On Demand

Thousands of practitioners, developers, managers, and leaders from around the world came together to share best practices, get hands on experience, and make new connections in the industry.