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Panasonic Delivers More Product with More Variants with CloudBees

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PASA experienced a long software development lifecycle due to increased project coordination and integration, longer software build times due to the exponential growing code base, and complex permutation of the test matrix. Additionally, PASA needed to increase spending on IT hardware. Despite the fact that the existing overall average machine utilization is low, PASA struggled with the concurrent needs of IT hardware resources during certain peak times by many project teams. Wasteful use of development dollars due to software lifecycle inefficiency created more negative business implications downstream for PASA, such as rising costs of delivering IVI to car manufacturers, challenges in meeting customers’ expanding demands, and slower, more delayed delivery schedules.

John Penoyer
"CloudBees Build Acceleration combined with the elasticity of CloudOne’s infrastructure enabled our large, globally distributed team to implement Agile Software Development efficiently and effectively."
Panasonic Automotive Solutions
John Penoyer

Engineering Group Manager


Build time of many PASA projects was reduced by 400 resulting in an overall development velocity increase by 200. In addition to reducing the build time, CloudBees Build Acceleration orchestrated the concurrent demands of build tasks in multiple teams to maximize hardware utilization, such that the already reserved machines are utilized in the most optimized way. Furthermore, the wait time experienced by many engineers submitting build requests concurrently is reduced; typically from one hour to 10 minutes.

  • Fast, efficient builds. PASA was able to meet the market demands for rapid In-vehicle Infotainment delivery by enabling there large, globally distributed team to implement Agile Software Development efficiently and effectively.

  • Increased productivity and fast ROI. PASA met the expanding IVI software requirements without linearly growing its software development cost and IT hardware spending. Return on investment was captured within two months of the joint solution deployment.

  • Seamless integration efficiency. Delivered on the goal of producing more products with even more variants to meet the dynamic global car demands.

  • Optimized delivery and quality. Accomplished the delivery schedule in a very timely manner while delivering one of the highest quality IVI Systems in the market.