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Kuveyt Türk Partners with Kloia to Adopt CloudBees and Scale Digital Transformation

Kuveyt Türk

Kuveyt Türk, offering its select set of financial products and services efficiently to the savings holders and investors, is a leading bank in Turkey and has global presence in Germany and Behrain.

Industry: Financial Services

Geography: Turkey


  • Easily monitor deployments for all users

  • Faster time to market for deploying applications

  • Deployment flows now meet industry standards

  • Releases are traceable and auditable

  • Software releases now faster with zero interruptions

Product: CloudBees CD

Kuveyt Türk adopted its digital transformation motto as "Digital is our route, people are our focus”. The bank aims to establish a simple, transparent, agile and cooperative working culture. By considering the changing expectations of digital first generation they drive client and employee experiences. Kuveyt Türk designs its digital transformation, switching from: product-based structure to client-based structure, and transaction-based structure to interaction-based structure.

Kuveyt Türk has been a user of CloudBees CD since 2018. With the help of Kloia (CloudBees’ partner in Turkey) the solution was implemented as part of Kuveyt Türk’s digital transformation program, which was launched in 2009. The DevOps team at Kuveyt Türk consists of 12 members which use CloudBees CD to manage and monitor deployments on traditional platforms as well as on kubernetes. The traceability and auditability of the releases allows the team to meet industry standards.

In Their Own Words

"CloudBees CD is the best deployment tool. The product meets our requirements and we believe in the quality of the company behind it."

Lokman Demirci

DevOps Solution Architect

Kuveyt Türk