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Privacy Policy

I. What CloudBees does

CloudBees (“CloudBees”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) is a for-profit vendor of software solutions, primarily sold to organizations. We generate our revenue by charging for the functions and value of the solutions that we offer to our customers (“Customers”, “You”). 

CloudBees is not in the business of collecting or monetizing personal information for its own self, such as for use in advertising. 

II. How we use personal information

We respectfully use appropriate personal information in order to market, sell, deliver, and support the solutions that we offer. 

We do not collect personal information that is not necessary for the marketing, selling, delivery, and support of our solutions, such as demographic, biometric, medical, social information. 

We do not sell or share with 3rd parties the information that we collect, except sharing of information with limited reputable partners involved in the direct selling of our solutions and for the specific purpose of selling our solutions, and with vendors who provide to us information management solutions used by us under our control. 

We use standard industry practices to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information we collect. 

The specific information that we collect and how we use it reflects the nature of your relationship with us. 


If you are a prospective or current customer of CloudBees, we: 

  • Ask for your contact information in marketing and product registration forms in order to promote and provide our solutions to you

  • Create a contact record for you in our customer relationship management (CRM) and product systems

  • Ask for and store the explicit information about your product interests, such as through marketing forms

  • Obtain your business identity and profile from business directories (such as LinkedIn) for marketing purposes, even if you have not provided that information to us directly

  • Send to you by email information about our solutions

  • Contact you by phone for sales assistance and customer support

  • Set browser cookies on our web properties in order to recognize you as a repeat visitor and to provide you with access to our solutions

  • Capture your browsing history on our web properties to understand your interest in our solutions

  • Capture the history of the emails we send to you in order to better provide to you information about our solutions

  • Capture email, chat, phone conversations between you and our sales and support representatives in order to understand your interest in our solutions and to better provide information about them

  • Capture how you use the technical functions of our products

  • Share your information with limited reputable partners who sell our solutions on our behalf or provide to us information management solutions used under our control

  • Retain all collected information indefinitely unless there is a compelling reason to delete it

III. CloudBees is a data Controller but not a data Processor according to GDPR

CloudBees is not a Processor of personal information according to GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation). Our systems, employees, and affiliates do not access personal information collected by our customers even when that information may be contained in customer applications managed using CloudBees solutions under the control of customers.

CloudBees is a Controller of limited non-sensitive personal information according to GDPR, for the expressly legitimate purposes of direct marketing, selling, delivering, and supporting our solutions. 

IV. Your personal rights and abilities

Not provide your personal information

You do not have to provide to us your personal information if you do not intend to have a business relationship with us. 

If you are interested in obtaining resources on our website that are protected by a registration form, you can provide a business email address, an alternative personal email address (used only to communicate with businesses), a single-use (“burner”) email address, a fake email address. We encourage you to provide your real identity to us as a reputable business, so that we can offer to you our solutions. But you can still obtain our public resources if you prefer to remain anonymous to us. 

If you are interested in using our free solutions that require registration, you can provide a business email address or an alternative personal email address (used only to communicate with businesses). A valid email address is required in order to use our solutions. 

Know if and why we have a record for you

You can request us to tell you if we have a record for you, for any of your identities (email addresses), and what information we have for you. 

You can request us to tell you why we have a record for you. 

Object to our capture of your personal information

You can express your objections to any part of how we handle your information and expect an explanation of it from us.  

Correct or delete your personal information

You can request us to correct your information (such your name, phone number, address). You can also request us to delete your information in our records that is not necessary for us to provide a service to you (such as your personal phone number) or to adhere with laws. 

Export your personal information

You can request us to provide to you an export of the information we have for you, if it is technically feasible for us and if this information is essential for you. 

Prevent tracking of your website activities

You can prevent our tracking of your web activities on our websites by disabling cookies, clearing cookies, and through other privacy controls built into web browsers. 

Opt out from our marketing and selling to you

You can request that we do not contact you for the purpose of selling our solutions. 

V. Our business needs and obligations

Adhere to laws

We will follow all applicable national and local laws that may require us to collect and retain personal information. 

Fulfill our contracts

If you interact with us as a representative of an organization, our obligations to the organization (such as a contract to deliver a solution) may override your individual preferences. For example, our contract with your organization may require that we retain full records of all conversations between us and the organization’s employees even if those conversations may contain information of personal nature. 

Capture and retain records of business contacts 

As a business, we have a need to capture and retain the basic identities (name, email address, employer) of all people who have interacted with us in business matters. 

Capture and retain records of business transactions

As a business, we have a need to capture and retain to the fullest extent the contractual, financial, and service transaction records, such as order forms, billing records, product configuration changes, service requests and cases. 

Capture and retain records of business conversations

As a business, we have a need to capture and retain the conversations (emails, chats, cases, comments) by all people who have interacted with us in business matters. 

Capture product use activities

As a business, we have a need to capture how our products are used at a granular level, for the purpose of understanding their performance, value and how to improve them. 

Contact account contacts and product users with important or relevant information

As a business, we have a need to provide product information to our users for multiple purposes, such as to ensure the correct use of our products or to promote new features and functionalities. 

VI. Our obligations to you and expectations of you

You should expect that we: 

  • Are respectful of your desire to protect your privacy

  • Do not collect the information that we do not need in order to offer our solutions to you, as could be reasonably expected (such as your social, biometric, and other non-business information)

  • Are considerate in our communication with you

  • Can provide to you an explanation for why we have collected or are using your information

  • Keep your information secure and confidential

  • Do not sell or trade your information

On our part, we expect that you: 

  • Understand that we seek to sell our solutions to organizations and individuals who demonstrate interest in or a potential need of them

  • Understand what we have regulatory and contractual obligations in our handling of personal information (such as to your employer if you are representing an organization)

  • Protect your privacy as is possible through means under your own direct control, such as through browser privacy settings and not providing your personal information to us if it is not necessary

VII. How to contact us regarding privacy matters

If you are a customer of CloudBees - for a paid, free, or trial version of any of our products - you should contact the CloudBees Customer Support.

If you are not a current customer of CloudBees, but have concerns about privacy in relation to CloudBees, you can contact us at privacy@cloudbees.com. 

We will respond either with the information and actions that you have requested, or with an explanation of why we cannot perform it as requested, or with questions to you to confirm or clarify your request.