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Accelerate your continuous learning through role-based learning paths

Continuous Learning

Learning paths are set up by product capability and each person’s role in their organization. Follow the learning paths when you first start using CloudBees Platform, and come back to CloudBees University to learn about advanced topics and new features.
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  • Follow role-based learning paths

    Determine each person’s targeted education path based on the person’s role within your organization.

  • Gain hands-on experience

    Learn how to perform tasks for your specific role by logging into our cloud-based lab environments and following our step-by-step lab exercises.

  • Test knowledge at each stage in the learning path

    Take Certification exams at the end of each level to make sure you have learned everything you need to know to move on to the next level for your role-based learning path.

  • Achieve higher implementation quality and performance

    Follow our learned best practices and hands-on lab exercises to achieve higher implementation quality and performance.


Self-paced training courses are delivered online through the CloudBees University site. Each course includes self-paced instruction, hands-on lab exercises, and access to our cloud-based lab environment.


Instructor-led training courses are delivered virtually. Each course includes instruction time, hands-on lab exercises, and access to our cloud-based lab environment.


Earn CloudBees Certifications at the end of each knowledge level. Also earn Badges for specific topics along the way.

CloudBees Training and Certification FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to CloudBees self-paced and instructor-led training as well as CloudBees Certification

Other Enablement Resources

Use our knowledge hive to master Software Delivery Automation. Find all the information you need - from versioned docs to release notes to API references.


Use our knowledge hive to master software delivery.

CloudBees Support

Use the collective wisdom of CloudBees engineers and expert Jenkins users to troubleshoot your efforts.