Experiential DevOps: A Simulation-Enhanced Learning Experience

Experiential DevOps

The DevOps Institute and G2G3.com are pleased to present an exclusive, one-day DevOps “simulation-enhanced” learning experience to DevOps Enterprise Summit attendees.

This non-certification workshop will introduce attendees to the most relevant and emerging DevOps principles, practices and vocabulary, such as The Three Ways, Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment, Shift Left, DevSecOps, Microservices and Value Stream Mapping.

There will also be a focus on the human side of DevOps including how people adapt to change and ways to instill a culture of collaboration.

From Theory to Practice

Theory is fine, but attendees will also get to experience what they have learned through an interactive DevOps simulation that is woven into the workshop as a hands-on opportunity to see DevOps in action in a mock situation.

The DevOps simulation demonstrates the business value and positive impact of a DevOps approach to accelerate the adoption of DevOps across the enterprise, while successfully turning DevOps opponents into advocates. The shared experience creates shared understanding and commitment towards Development and Operations working together as a high-performing team.

Aspects of this workshop are derived from DevOps Institute’s DevOps Foundation certification and G2G3’s DevOps Simulation.