CloudBees Flow Product Videos

Kanban View

Kanban pipeline view presents the entire release, with all stages and tasks, for easy editing and full visibility.

Universal Tagging

Universal tagging functionality on any object type (applications, pipeline stages, environments, etc.) for more granular, real-world reports.

CI Dashboard

Native support for reporting data from any CI tool gives you the power to create full CI/CD dashboards.

Release Portfolio View

The Release Portfolio View provides a bird’s eye view of the entire hierarchy of releases.  While authoring, this view provides clear understanding of the connections and dependencies between releases, even down to specific stages in each of the release pipelines.


The interactive, 3D SmartMap view pulls cluster data from Kubernetes to provide ground-breaking visibility and insight in a single view.  It shows all the interconnected pieces of the Kubernetes topology: from clusters, to namespaces, to services, to pods, and to containers.

CloudBees Flow Deployment Object Model

This video covers the deploy object model in CloudBees Flow. With details on how applications and environments are modeled, defining the what, how and where of an application deployment. (*Updated video with latest version coming soon)

Pipelines in CloudBees Flow

Pipelines in CloudBees Flow orchestrate the flow of your software release process, providing governance, visibility and auditability. In this video, learn about pipeline concepts and modeling in CloudBees Flow, covering pipeline stages, tasks, gates and running a pipeline.

Release Planning and Calendaring

Plan and releases with precision with start and end dates across stages, and planned vs actual views to understand progress and identify delays. Manage all of your releases and zero in on conflicts with calendar views across releases and environment reservations.

Advanced Deployment Options: Smart Deploy and Artifact Staging

This video covers two deployment options in CloudBees Flow, Smart Deploy and Artifact Staging. Smart Deploy will only deploy those artifacts that have changed since the last deployment, improving deployment times and reducing risk. Artifact staging reduces deployment downtime by ensuring all artifacts are downloaded and available on the targets before deployment starts.

Automated Rollback for Seamless Recovery from Errors

When there is a failure during deployment, rollback in CloudBees Flow automatically rolls the application back to a good version, improving mean time to recovery from failure. In this video, learn about rollback options and see a demo of automated rollback being triggered to recover from a failed deployment.

Environment Inventory – for Visibility into What is Deployed Where

Environment Inventory provides visibility into what is deployed to each environment, with granularity down to the artifact versions on each individual resource. When troubleshooting an issue or performing auditing, the inventory comparison view makes it very easy to identify drift between environments and quickly hone in on the differences.

DevOps Insights Dashboards and Reports

DevOps Insights in CloudBees Flow provides visibility into metrics across your DevOps tools and processes. With out of the box and customizeable dashboards reporting on the metrics that matter.

Microservices Deployments Dashboard

The Microservices deployments dashboard displays metrics specific to your microservice deployments, with drill downs for quick access to details behind the data.

Get started quickly with the Self-Service Catalog

The self-service catalog helps you accelerate your DevOps adoption and promote best practices and consistent processes across the organization with out of the box and customizable catalog items to get started quickly.


Snapshots allow you to version your application model for consistent deployments across environments. In this video, learn about the different types of snapshots, and how they are created and used.

Environment Reservations

Environment reservations help you maintain control over your environments and avoid conflicts with multiple application deployments to the same environment. Calendar views of all reservations in an environment make it easy to plan and coordinate all activities.

Master Components

Master components allow you to centrally define standardized best practices for your organization, with the flexibility to use them by reference or copy. A set of out of the box master components provide best practice starting points making it way to start deploying to common application and database servers.

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