Introducing CloudBees Flow and CloudBees Accelerator

CI + CD + Release Orchestration is better under one roof

CloudBees doubles down on continuous delivery, acquiring release management, orchestration and automation market leader Electric Cloud.

A Stepwise Journey to Software Delivery Excellence

CloudBees is now the first provider of end-to-end continuous delivery, continuous deployment and release automation. From startups with full-stack developers practicing NoOps to large Fortune 100 companies, CloudBees now enables all software-driven organizations to intelligently deploy the right capabilities at the right time.


CloudBees has dominated the CI space with CloudBees Core, our contributions to Jenkins and with CodeShip for CI/CD as a Service. CloudBees proudly serves 45% of the Fortune 100 and 42% of the Global 50 while Jenkins steadily holds its position as the most widely deployed open source automation server in the world, surpassing 200,000 known installations in 2019. With the addition of CloudBees Accelerator we build upon our core competency by speeding software builds and tests and safely parallelizing jobs across shared clusters of physical or cloud CPUs.


Jenkins Pipeline as Code, driven by CloudBees, marked a milestone innovation in the CD market. We are innovating again with Jenkins X - a solution to automate all of your CI/CD needs for creating and running cloud native applications on Kubernetes without the steep learning curve or risk. With the addition of CloudBees Flow, we take our CD game to the next level by adding capabilities for release orchestration and deployment automation.


With the acquisition of Electric Cloud, CloudBees gives developers and product teams practicing DevOps and IT operations access to a powerful application release automation and orchestration platform for continuous delivery. This platform is built for enterprise scale and designed to automate the software development lifecycle through deployment. This mission is complementary to CloudBees’ shift-left mentality and bolsters our capabilities for delivery and deployment.

Becoming the undisputed leader in release orchestration and automation

Traditional release automation remains operations-focused and distinct from development, much less the business. This siloed approach creates unautomated barriers between teams that slow down software delivery. If you want a real DevOps transformation, you need to dissolve the barrier between CD and ARA.

We transform software releases from a chore to a competitive advantage.

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Electric Cloud has taken traditional application release delivery and brought it into the modern day by marrying support for complex application deployments with the concept of a pipeline. With Electric Cloud you can:

  • Use adaptive, model-based pipeline automation to provide abstraction from the target environment as well as to the environment to which you’re deploying.
  • Identify patterns with DevOps Foresight, using deep analytics of historical data from your toolchain. Predict the future risk of releases using those patterns and surface how to reduce that risk.
  • Eliminate the need to create complex rollback scripts by maintaining environment inventory and tracking processes and artifact versions as part of each deployment.

Gain instant visibility across development teams into every feature across all environments and projects.

Read The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Delivery and Release Automation 2018 and Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Application Release Orchestration.

“CloudBees is known for having the world’s broadest, most robust platform for continuous integration and continuous delivery, and we excel at helping companies release apps at any speed the business demands. Today’s announcement provides the best of both worlds to our customers.”

Carmine Napolitano, CEO, Electric Cloud

Guessing at the health and status of your releases?

  • Get a bird’s eye view of release status.
  • Be instantly in-the-know on key milestone dates, dependencies, pending approvals, test results, progress, environments and teams involved.
  • Now you can release applications when the business demands - without anxiety.

Is establishing an audit trail a headache?

  • Automatically report on every single action.
  • Record actions taken, by user and role, as well as all edits to every model/ object definition by any user.
  • You get centralized, secure automation that ensures traceability and compliance for environments, apps and workflows without ever having to spin up a separate project for audit trails.

Can you detect environment and configuration drift?

  • Stop environment and configuration drift in its tracks.
  • Detect drift between current and new content and automatically deploys only what has changed - eliminating non-standard or insecure configurations that are vulnerable to intrusion.
  • You will save time and reduce risk with Smart Deploy.

Want to supercharge your build and test?

  • Dramatically accelerate builds and tests.
  • Intelligently distribute workloads across local, network or cloud resources. Speed up compile and test cycles and ensure build correctness - even when dependencies are incorrect or incomplete.
  • Now you can reduce cycle time and iterate faster.