Urban Science

Urban Science eliminates error-prone manual operations from their process

Before CloudBees

Urban Science develops 20+ software applications in house by geographically distributed teams. They have 6 major data centers worldwide with differing environments. Because of this complexity and size, it was difficult to enforce development and computing environment standards uniformly across their development and operations staff. In addition, deployments were incredibly complex, often with very complex and lengthy installation instructions. Urban Science wanted to increase their scalability, consistency, efficiency, expediency, as well as reduce the complexity of their release process.

How did CloudBees Help?

Urban Science wanted to address these issues by introducing release and deployment automation which they believed would improve both development and deployment consistency, reduce their deployment time, human error that occurred during deployments as well as overall complexity. In addition, they wanted to use automation as a way to help enforce consistency and standards. CloudBees Flow™ provides Urban Science development and IT shared control and visibility into their software pipeline, across development, testing and packaging tools. Code commits are automatically compiled and deployed quickly to various environments for testing. As a result, Urban Science gains:

  • Faster and more frequent deployments. Urban Science went from 12 deployments per week to 40 deployments a week.
  • Fewer person resources required. Manual processes replaced by automation reduced person resources needed for deployment by 78.
  • Fewer process errors. Tedious, error-prone manual operations have been eliminated, improving predictability and reliability, and reducing the number of deployments needed.
  • Better software quality. Automated deployments mean more time is spent testing instead of on the deploy process.
  • Cost effective. Achieved ROI in less than 2 months.
CloudBees Flow has allowed us to standardize our builds and deployments. This drastically reduced configuration dependencies and deployment issues. It also reduced complexity, allowing more builds and deployments in the same amount of time as the manual way.
Marc Priolo
Software Configuration Manager, Urban Science