Cloudbees allows Perforce to continue to innovate and to remain competitive in a fast-advancing market segment

Before CloudBees:

Perforce had a five-person build team, who manually delivered builds on an increasing number of platforms by adding more scripts and more machines. As Perforce started to implement Agile internally, it became painfully obvious that their current methods wouldn’t scale. The build team required a system that would automate their builds and eliminate the need to create a new script each time for every build. They needed substantial improvements in speed and efficiency as they added more platforms all without disrupting developer workflows.

How did CloudBees Help?

With CloudBees, Perforce was able to keep the business requirements they had built into their homegrown scripts, and automate their build and test processes. Their initial deployment saw five product lines processed through CloudBees. The following advantages became eminent:

  • Speed and Efficiency. The build and test processes were automated and accelerated with an initial deployment of five product lines using CloudBees.
  • Cost Reductions. Streamlined build processes to quickly adopt new product and feature requirements increased development productivity and allowed them to do more with less.
  • Better software quality. Perforce was able to further break down their code development process into modules, and then string together a series of module builds to create a full product. Now, code dependencies from product to product are shared as artifacts, which assures consistent code usage across the board to facilitate product quality.
  • Increased Visibility. Now, teams can clearly see when builds break, accelerating fixes and productivity.
  • Constant Improvement. Perforce sees many promising areas for further streamlining their development processes, including fully-automated testing, increased end-to-end traceability, and extending automated builds for teams outside of the main development organization. This allows Perforce to continue to innovate and to remain competitive in a fast-advancing market segment.
We looked at building our own solution, but, by one estimate, it would have taken us as long as two years and $2.5 million to match CloudBees' functionality.
Bill White
Director of Build, QA & Performance, Perforce