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Global video game development company now relies entirely on CloudBees Flow to automate and run their builds across multiple platforms simultaneously

Before CloudBees

This game development team consists of 45 to 50 programmers/developers and a similar number of artists who create the visual elements for the games. The company had developed an internal application of their own to manage their builds. However, given the rapid iterations and the number of platforms they needed to support, they found their internal system could not scale to support the number of builds.

How did CloudBees Help?

The gaming company now relies entirely on CloudBees Flow™ to automate and run their builds across multiple platforms simultaneously. Instead of spending time fixing build problems, they can now direct all efforts into creating new features.

  • Faster builds. CloudBees Flow enables individual developers to check-in code and run their builds at the same time making this process more efficient, as no one person is blocking the build for others to determine if they need to fix the code they check in.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency. In the past, multiple personnel were required to find, diagnose and fix problems with the build process; today it takes just one person.
  • Seamless integration. The gaming company has also integrated their homegrown tools to work with CloudBees Flow, so the process is seamless for their development team.
  • Comprehensive visibility. CloudBees Flow provides visibility to the artists, who primarily use CloudBees Flow to get updates on the graphical elements they create. Art content is also checked in and verified after each art update.
  • Improved quality and R&D. Without builds breaking due to software infrastructure, the developers and artists have gained back significant portions of their time improving game quality and game play. They have returned to the forefront of what they do best; actually developing the game, not just waiting for things to happen.
With CloudBees Flow, scaling from five build machines to thirty could not have been easier, and has allowed us to rapidly expand our build verification efforts.
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