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Moving from continuously broken builds to continuous delivery with a private development cloud from CloudBees became the solution.

Before CloudBees

As the development team grew and placed more demands on the system, it had become more of a hindrance than help. One side effect was a proliferation of open source tools and homegrown solutions for picking up the slack. It was clearly time to raise the script- and open source-based CD system to the next level and get tools and processes back under control. The migration of software to downstream environments was error-prone due to the number of manual steps involved. A single mistake could result in significant loss of time for downstream teams such as QA, other development teams, and business users.

How did CloudBees Help?

Moving from continuously broken builds to continuous delivery with a private development cloud from CloudBees became the solution.

  • Seamless integration: With thousands of developers spread around the world, utilizing scalable, shared resources are essential to making things run smoothly. The private cloud approach allows the firm to offer CD as a service to developers.
  • Process automation: Automation has allowed them to create an environment where they have consistency in the results of the build. Because the extraction of their source code compilation is now automated, every test run is easily repeatable. Bugs are caught early and only progress if previous steps have been tested eliminating bad builds.
  • Collaborative utilization: CloudBees Flow™ allows teams to continue to use the tools they prefer, providing an automation framework that ties together a variety of different tools including language-specific compilers, code coverage, static analysis, unit testing, defect tracking and much more.
  • Better workflow efficiency: Development teams gain benefits from their previous investments, while improving the utility of their resources and improve their workflows. Now they are incorporated into a fully automated system as part of a private development cloud.
  • Fast and efficient operation: The firm has implemented two CloudBees Flow instances on their private development cloud. The first supports about 1,000 developers, and serves as a centralized location where one team—the central Development Environments group—provides and maintains infrastructure. The second instance supports about 200 developers and provides an end-to-end workflow.
  • Improved quality and productivity: Having a fully automated build-test-deploy cycle has allowed the firm to automatically gate integration at every step of the process. Preflight build and test processes–building and testing before check-in, including both unit and a subset of system—tests in a production class environment, thus eliminating big productivity losses with complete auditability.
Efficient management of time and resources is especially important in the fiercely competitive financial world. The development team profiled has long employed continuous delivery (CD) as a key part of managing these demands, while ensuring compliance and auditability, an imperative in the financial industry. However, they recently reached a crisis point when the CD system they relied on to keep moving at top speed became one of the biggest development bottlenecks.