D3 Engineering

CloudBees Accelerator Huddle allowed D3 Engineering to dramatically cut building time

Before CloudBees

The Android build is substantial in size and scope. With a relatively small development team dedicated to the project – five internal engineers and limited additional support from external teams and offsite groups – this project’s demanding size had the potential to become problematic for D3 Engineering. In order for the team to be efficient and effective with build times, they needed tools that would help them stay on track and successfully complete the Android product development.

To manage the process, the team completed daily builds and used tools for code review and continuous integration (CI). However, completing full Android trees quickly became a cumbersome task. With the tools available upon initiation of the project, the team was only able to accomplish three builds per day at most– with individual build times taking at least five hours for the full compilation.

How did CloudBees Help?

D3 Engineering selected CloudBees Accelerator Huddle to cut down on build times. The results were immediate. After an easy set-up process, the previous five hour comprehensive build time with four cores cut down to two hours with eight cores. Eventually, times for full, clean builds were narrowed down to 15 minutes and incremental builds could be accomplished in as little as three minutes. The impact on D3 Engineering’s Android project is substantial:

  • No additional hardware purchases necessary – Instead of having to purchase large machines to complete the massive Android build, CloudBees Accelerator Huddle allowed D3 Engineering to dramatically cut building time with their existing machines.
  • Increased Reliability –To keep build times down, D3 Engineering completes incremental builds. Prior to Huddle these builds were unreliable. Now the team is able to build the dependency tree from looking at the actual build, which has significantly cut down on dependency tree errors.
  • More builds – With Huddle the project jumped from three full cycles per day to 15-20 builds.
  • Hours saved – In a 45 day time window D3 Engineering saved 65 days’ worth of time, giving the company ample time for innovation and product delivery.
  • Ability to scale efforts to project size – Once build times were significantly decreased, D3 Engineering had the bandwidth to expand the assigned team. Now 30 internal engineers are able to work on the project using CloudBees Accelerator Huddle.
We’ve already saved more than 1,550 hours on build times
Scott Dunnington
Lead Software Engineer, D3 Engineering