Feature Management

Harnessing the Speed and Safety of Software Delivery With Feature Management

Explore feature management, a software development practice that uses feature flags for controlled functionality deployment. This approach enables live testing, risk mitigation, and efficient software delivery.

Revolutionizing Software Delivery: The Power and Control of Feature Management

Feature management is a software development practice that allows teams to control the visibility and roll-out of new functionality in their applications. This approach involves using feature flags (also known as feature toggles) to hide, enable or disable features during runtime, without needing to change or redeploy the code. Feature management enables developers to test new features in live environments with select user groups, perform A/B testing, and gradually roll out changes to mitigate risk. It provides an effective way to manage features in a controlled manner, improving the speed and safety of software delivery.

Streamlining Deployments and Enhancing Efficiency With Feature Management

Easily deploy new features with feature management

Push out code changes quickly and reliably

Automate feature rollouts and reduce complexity

Redesign features in minutes with no downtime

Stay ahead of the competition with fast releases

Decrease costs and improve efficiency

CloudBees Feature Management Demo

Discover the power of CloudBees Feature Management in this insightful video. Learn how to leverage feature flags for safer, faster releases, enabling targeted rollouts and innovative market solutions with minimal risk. Start your journey towards efficient and effective software delivery today.

Feature Management Resources for the Enterprise

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Feature flags across CI/CD

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