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Debugging at Scale with the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

Discover how the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer is transforming Jenkins® and CloudBees CI pipeline troubleshooting into a fast and performant task.

Optimizing Pipeline Troubleshooting

Pipelines are a critical component of the development process, however, troubleshooting in complex pipelines can be time-consuming and tedious, especially for larger companies.

This is where CloudBees Pipeline Explorer comes in, providing a streamlined and efficient way to troubleshoot pipelines regardless of your log file size or pipeline complexity. 

Finally - a solution for the enterprise!

Identify failed stages at a glance

Troubleshooting pipelines just got easier with Pipeline Explorer Map view

Swift troubleshooting and effective pipeline management are key in software development. CloudBees Pipeline Explorer offers a streamlined debugging approach, enhancing developer efficiency. The new Map feature transforms debugging with its advanced visualization, quicker rendering, and intuitive workflow, setting a new standard for handling complex or nested pipelines.

Troubleshooting pipelines just got easier with Pipeline Explorer Map view: Image

Explore the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer for Streamlined Debugging at Scale

Debugging solutions in Jenkins are effective for simple pipelines. However, as pipeline complexity and log files grow, they struggle to meet the demands of an enterprise CI environment. Discover what debugging at scale with the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer:

Enhanced Navigation and Visualization

Visualization is worth a thousand log files, or so the saying should go. The Pipeline Explorer Map doesn't just show you where the problem is; it illuminates the path to resolution. With its intuitive map and tree views, users can effortlessly navigate through complex pipelines, zoom in on problem areas, and identify failed stages or steps at a glance.

Intuitive Overview and Filtering

Allow for a better understanding of complex pipelines by giving you a good overview of the whole pipeline and filtering for each stage. Filter out to only specific branches and preserve the line numbers to keep the context of the branch in the log.

Performant log view

Navigating through tens of thousands of lines is swift and highly responsive, eliminating any time wasted on waiting for the UI to update.

Built-in search and Issue explorer

Quickly search any size logs and remove the need for external tools and get right to the issue in the log from a list of identified issues. Collaborative debugging and less context switching for the win!

CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Interface

The CloudBees Pipeline Explorer enhances your workflow by offering a dynamic visualization of your pipeline stages in a comprehensive tree view. This feature allows you to efficiently filter logs by stage or opt for a Map view to oversee your pipeline's structure, honing in on areas that require attention. Designed with performance in mind, Pipeline Explorer significantly elevates your log viewing and pipeline visualization experience, regardless of their complexity or scale.

CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Animation

Pipeline Explorer

Debugging at Scale with the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

The creation of CloudBees Pipeline Explorer was inspired by the experiences and needs of CloudBees CI and Jenkins admins who wanted a more streamlined way to debug their pipelines. We wanted to ease troubleshooting and make lives easier when tackling the debugging of complex pipelines. Take a closer look at the explorer in action.

Take a closer look at the new CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Map

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Introducing pipeline visualization with CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

Troubleshooting pipelines just got a lot easier, read how.

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The CloudBees Pipeline Explorer plugin offers a streamlined approach to troubleshoot pipelines and view logs.


Optimizing Pipeline Troubleshooting with CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

Experience how CloudBees Pipeline Explorer revolutionizes pipeline troubleshooting. Streamline debugging complex pipelines, overcome visual scalability issues, and enjoy enhanced log viewing performance. Simplify troubleshooting and improve debugging with this enterprise solution.


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