High Availability/Horizontal Scalability

The Biggest Performance and Scalability Update for Jenkins in a Decade

Discover CloudBees CI's High Availability Mode, delivering unmatched resilience, scalability, and performance for Jenkins in Enterprise environments. Elevate your Jenkins® experience with CloudBees CI and explore our supporting features below.

The Power of High Availability and Horizontal Scalability

CloudBees CI's High Availability Mode reduces or eliminates downtime for continuous pipeline operations, even in the face of unexpected failures. This mode also brings horizontal scalability, transforming overloaded monolithic controllers into reliable, stable controllers by enabling workload sharing among replicas. This ensures that software deliver process remains uninterrupted by providing automatic load balancing and protection against single point of failure.

Experience Efficient and Resilient Jenkins Controllers at a Galactic Scale

Discover the benefits of High Availability Mode for Jenkins in the Enterprise

Protection Against Single Point of Failure

Reduce or eliminate downtime from controller loss with High Availability Mode in CloudBees CI

High Availability Solution for Jenkins

Jenkins lacks HA support. When a Jenkins controller fails, recovering it becomes a manual process. For Jenkins users prioritizing uptime and controller availability, CloudBees CI is a game changer.

Maximize Your System Availability

Don’t let upgrading your infrastructure bring you down. Utilize rolling restarts during infrastructure updates and keep CI running for uninterrupted operations.

Scale Higher than Ever Before

Never fear the number of jobs loaded on your controller! With automatic load balancing to scale up with heavy loads and down when not needed - High availability mode has you covered.

Boost Your Monolith

Transform your overloaded monolith into a performant and stable controller with automatic load balancing of workload via replicas.

Why Break Up a Monolith?

Breaking up a monolith promotes robust architecture with reduced dependencies and improved performance, stability, and scalability. However, breaking it up requires careful planning and time investment, which may not be feasible for every company. High Availability Mode offers an alternative solution. It helps alleviate the overload and enhance the performance of the monolith without physically dividing it into separate controllers.

High Availability

How does High Availability Mode work?

When enabling the High Availability mode - the controller is automatically split into replicas “under the hood” and becomes a single logical controller split into replicas. Seems pretty easy right? Check out this quick video to learn more.

Need More Details on What High Availability and Horizontal Scalability Bring to Your Enterprise?

Feature Brief

Biggest Update in Performance and Scalability Update for Jenkins in a Decade

Creating a secure, scalable, and high-performing Jenkins environment for large organizations with complex toolchains is no small feat. That's why CloudBees is helping development teams address these challenges head-on by offering high availability, horizontal scalability, and other performance-enhancing features to Jenkins. Find out how in the Feature Brief.

Comparison Chart

CloudBees CI vs Jenkins® Stack Up

CloudBees CI is an enterprise Continuous Integration (CI) solution that leverages the flexible and robust Jenkins engine. So how does CloudBees CI and Jenkins stack up?  Check out the feature comparison to see!


Revolutionize Your Jenkins Environment with Horizontal Scalability and High Availability 

Discover the power of CloudBees CI's High Availability mode to ensure smooth operation, even during unexpected events. Enhance performance and stability with scalable solutions for handling large workloads effortlessly.

Technical Doc

Lets see High Availability mode in action!

This offers a comprehensive overview of the CloudBees CI High Availability feature and provides step-by-step instructions for installing it. Delve deeper into this remarkable HA/HS capability and unlock its full potential.

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