Continuous Delivery

Eliminate Scripts and Automate Deployment Pipelines

Move fast with self-service, scalable, repeatable, secure paths to production.

Standardize developmentacross the stack

Enjoy predictable, secure deployments without the guesswork, no matter the scale, the environments, or the number of tools involved.

Model-based deployments

Replace brittle scripts with reusable models that enable predictable, repeatable, automated deployments.

Self service automation

Improve onboarding by using out-of-the-box and customizable self-service immutable pipeline templates.

Smart quality gates

Provide developers with governance guardrails to ensure pre-approved workflows with security by default.

Any environment, any scale

Predictably build, deploy, and track any application to any environment at scale.

Everything as code

Manage everything as code: pipelines, policies, configurations, and more as an alternative to a UI-driven experience.

Advanced deployment strategies

Unlock the benefits of blue-green and canary deployments without the hassle.

Automatic remediation and rollback

Automatically detect changes in production and rollback applications to the previous state.

Pipeline performance insights

Measure deployment success rate, frequency, duration, and more using real-time pipeline metrics.

Fine-grained access controls

Ensure only authorized users can access and modify objects to mitigate security issues and make audits a breeze.

Head of Electronic Trading Platforms
DZ Bank
“We now have a clear view of the entire process - one that is secure, repeatable and predictable.”


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Continuous Delivery Resources


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Talk to a Continuous Delivery expert

Learn how the CloudBees platform can help you automate the software delivery process, eliminate scripts, and automate deployment pipelines while verifying performance, quality and security.

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