CloudBees Security and Compliance

Continuous security and compliance across the entire software-delivery lifecycle.

Go Fast, Stay Safe

Drive continuous alignment across development, security, operations and audit through real-time control assessments.Empower your development teams to see through the security alert storms and drive prioritization based on risk and impact.Evidence real-time compliance to standards like NIST, CIS, CSA, and FedRAMP, without altering your existing processes!
Eliminate the Noise, focus on innovation
Eliminate the Noise, Focus on Innovation

Focus on developing features, while automatically proving compliance. Don’t let dozens security and compliance tools throw uncorrelated noise to your developers: Deliver specific and actionable security and compliance signals to your development teams, with full context, in their task management tool, with duplicates and false positives removed.

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Introduce Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Get a real-time view of all of the vulnerabilities (and compliance rules) affecting your applications, correlated, contextualized, and prioritized based on risk, letting development and cybersecurity teams focus on what truly matters for your business.

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Embrace Dont Replace
Embrace, Don’t Replace - Open And Extensible

Embrace the security choices you have already made and enjoy flexibility by disconnecting your controls from your security tools and from your DevOps pipeline. Get the flexibility to swap any scanner you want, with no impact on how you define your security posture, nor on your development teams. Get flexibility to work to your benefit!

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Simplify Devsecops CloudBees Compliance Dashboard
Simplify DevSecOps: Unify And Centralize Policies For All Asset Types

CloudBees Compliance continuously assesses your security and compliance in parallel with the running of CI/CD pipelines. Not only will you detect issues that would otherwise remain undetected, but you are freed from having to worry whether hardened security pipelines/templates are being properly used by all development teams. No more compliance issues discovered post-deployment!

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Activate regulatory compliance policies CloudBees Compliance
Activate Regulatory Compliance Policies in One Click

What would you say about getting SOC 2 or FedRAMP certification FAST? Really fast? CloudBees Compliance comes with extensive pre-built policies that make it possible to assert SDLC regulatory compliance for frameworks such as SOC 2, PCI, FedRAMP, ISO 27001, and more.

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Create No code policies CloudBees Compliance
Create No-Code Policies

Get the best of Open Standards and ease of use: our graphical policy generation tool offers an efficient and elegant interface that allows you to drag and drop assets to create even the most complex checks in a breeze, all while getting the full power of Open Policy Agent (OPA)!

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Provide regulatory evidence CloudBees Compliance
Provide Regulatory Evidence on Demand

As OPA checks are run, compliance evidence is generated in real-time. You can trust this evidence, thanks to the cryptographic attestation that ensures its validity and integrity.

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Enforce compliant deployments CloudBees Compliance
Enforce Compliant Deployments

Seamlessly integrate your security and compliance posture as part of your deployment gates and change management tools, like ServiceNow.

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Share a Single Source of Truth Across All Teams

Institute team alignment and collaboration with CloudBees Compliance. We help teams converge on a common, real-time view of their security and compliance landscape. By removing friction between teams, we promote a harmonious and efficient work environment.

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All Teams Aligned

CloudBees Compliance brings Developers, Shared Services, Security and Compliance teams, Application Owners, and LOB together to release products faster and safer.

  • Developers

    Get back to doing what you do best, and let us handle the security and compliance side of things. With CloudBees Compliance, coding is fun again!

  • VP of Engineering

    Dealing with the headache of providing regulatory evidence, and all while keeping your teams efficient and motivated? Enable your teams to deliver high-quality, secure software on time, every time.

  • Shared Services

    Enhance your DevSecOps practices, improve team coordination, and maintain a secure, efficient development pipeline. Let us take care of the compliance, so you can focus on empowering your teams.

  • CISO

    Lead your organization's security initiatives, transforming security and compliance from a challenge into a driving force of your business's success.

  • AppSec

    Bring your security and development teams closer together, streamline your operations, and ensure your resources are utilized where they're needed most.

  • Auditors

    Keep pace with the speed of modern software development while assuring ongoing adherence to security and compliance norms.

CloudBees Compliance Resources

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How We Can Help

Learn how CloudBees Compliance can help you achieve your security and compliance objectives.

  • End-to-End SDLC Security and Compliance

    Automatically enforce secure software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) processes, for all of your applications, with no disruption to your existing DevOps pipelines.

  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

    Delivers a real-time, application-centric view of all vulnerabilities impacting your service and its infrastructure, deduplicated, contextualized, and prioritized based on the risk they pose to your organization and the associated service.

  • Zero-Day Threat Management

    Keeps a software bill of materials (SBOM) for every deployed artifact, effectively mapping all direct and transitive dependencies included within the artifact.

  • Accelerate Your FedRAMP SDLC Certification

    Streamline the SDLC certification process with out-of-the-box FedRAMP standards, backed by pre-configured Open Policy Agent (OPA) checks.

  • Accelerate your SOC2 Certification

    Out-of-the-box SOC2 standard with predefined open policy agent checks to automate various aspects of the certification process related to SDLC.

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