DevOps Analytics

Your Analytics Needs Aren't all the Same

Some need DORA and developer metrics; others want to understand the end-to-end software delivery value stream. All need a single source of truth for contextual insights.

Measure, analyze, and communicate how DevOps Analytics software delivery impacts performance.

CloudBees Analytics is a transformative tool that delivers high-value insights, enabling organizations to better understand and manage their software delivery processes. It provides a centralized view of the entire release value stream, correlating stages, tasks, teams, and status for enhanced visibility and management. Real-time evidence collection simplifies audit compliance, while persona-specific views, customizable dashboards, and extensible reporting functions provide tailored, actionable insights. By empowering data-driven decision-making and fostering software delivery optimization, CloudBees Analytics drives improved business outcomes, demonstrating its considerable value to modern organizations.

Instantly grasp software delivery status end-to-end

Comprehensive pipeline visibility

Orchestrate across various interdependent applications, tools, and environments.

Bring order to software delivery

Access a comprehensive set of release metrics in a single view.

Monitor, measure and optimize

Prevent unplanned downtime by identifying patterns, capacity issues, and unexpected spikes around system/controller health.

Get a holistic view of plugin usage

Track and monitor plugin usage to ensure system stability, optimal performance, and smoother upgrades.

Improve developer efficiency

Get answers about code commit trends, investment areas by type, status, and more.

Optimize proactively

Measure release progress, identify bottlenecks, and take corrective action to improve processes.

Customize dashboards and reports

Extend your data model to create customized dashboards aligned with your business objectives.

Predict release performance

Identify patterns to predict the success of your builds, tests, deployments, or releases.

CI Workload Insights dashboard

A dashboard that displays key metrics in order to gain insight into your organization’s build throughput and CI system resources.

Former Director, DevOps and Quality Engineering
“CloudBees has also given us actionable metrics and real-time visibility into our process. We can now see what's going on 'under the hood' and use this information to prevent and resolve issues.”

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Talk to a DevOps Analytics expert

Learn how CloudBees can ensure the update, availability and overall health of your software delivery toolchain as a single source of truth for real-time contextual software delivery insights.

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