Scaling Enterprise Feature Flag Management with Jenkins

“Everyone loves feature flags until you have more than 10.” - Does this sound familiar?

Feature flags do a lot of great things to modernize and simplify software delivery. Feature flags decouple deploy from release, enable trunk based development, and provide a “security blanket” at release with the operational “kill switch” to turn a feature off instantly if needed. Further, they simplify feature experimentation and create naturally closer feedback loops with end users. 

But, as the saying suggests, there are potential downsides to scaling feature flag usage across an enterprise. Complexity can grow in testing, accrual of technical debt, and with builds involving flags. Tightly integrating Feature Management with CloudBees CI creates an “silent hero” for solving these problems - Jenkins! 

Check out this on-demand webinar, where we discuss the considerations for scaling feature flag management around testing, flag lifecycle management, and visibility of flags in builds. We cover how we’re solving these challenges using tight integrations across the CloudBees platform, powered with Jenkins.

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