IDC Spotlight Paper: The Evolution from Digital Transformation to the Digital Business Era

For many organizations, digital transformation has been the primary focus for technology investment over the past several years. Digital transformation efforts optimize technology investments, improve processes, and eliminate technical debt. However, with much of that work underway or in place, the C-suite is now looking at how that digital foundation can be used to deliver on crucial business outcomes.

Rather than positioning technology investments as enablers of technology-centric outcomes, such as reducing the time between code commit and deploy, the C-suite is thinking about business-centric outcomes, such as:

  • Growing revenue

  • Improving customer satisfaction

  • Enabling improvements to internal processes that result in measurable cost savings or create whole new businesses

To learn how to thrive in the digital business era, and where CloudBees is uniquely positioned to accelerate your transformation through their software delivery platform, download the IDC paper today.

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