Massive ROI with Jenkins®

In this whitepaper, we help you: 

  • Identify delivery challenges you may be experiencing with Jenkins®

  • Learn about available solutions to save you time

  • Understand how similar companies have tamed their Jenkins to meet the fast-paced demands of software delivery

We know that software delivery is demanding - getting your code from your keyboard to the customer needs to be faster, more secure, and flexible enough to support all the consumer's environments. This leaves no time for questioning, maintaining, or even supporting the tools you use to make this happen - they should just work.  

Using Jenkins as your build and test orchestrator is a smart first step as it brings flexibility and customization to meet your unique needs,  but if not managed properly - can create more work that you don't have time for. This is why CloudBees built their CI solution on the powerful Jenkins engine and added features to tame the unruly and bring order and scalability to Jenkins. 

Read our whitepaper for more insight on working successfully with Jenkins at scale.

Jenkins® is a registered trademark of LF Charities Inc.

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