DevOps Uncovered: An Interactive Panel on Navigating CloudBees CI and Jenkins

Are you ready to deep-dive into the world of Continuous Integration (CI) and Jenkins with CloudBees? Whether you're a seasoned developer, a DevOps professional, or just getting started, our on demand panel discussion shares the latest insights and industry knowledge on recent improvements related to CloudBees CI.

We brought together a powerhouse of CloudBees experts with Jake Leon, Senior Product Manager, Ian Kurtz, Sales Engineer, and Ray Kivisto, Senior Principal Development Support Engineer, to discuss new use-cases with CloudBees CI.

In this compelling panel discussion, you'll gain exclusive insights into:

  • Innovations and differentiators that make CloudBees CI a standout solution

  • Cutting-edge explorations with Pipeline Explorer, Config as Code (CasC), and workspace caching

  • Real-world applications and benefits of CloudBees CI High Availability (active/active)

Watch the on demand session now to boost your technological arsenal!

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