Your Jenkins X Questions Answered at DevOpsWorld | Jenkins World 2019

Written by: Brian Nash
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Have questions about Jenkins X ? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Thousands of the DevOps community will be coming together and when they do, Jenkins X is a very popular topic. Come to the source and get your questions answered - more Jenkins X experts will be present at DevOpsWorld | JenkinsWorld than anyplace else on earth! This is the hub of the Jenkins X conversation and you’ll have the chance to hear first-hand how organizations are using Jenkins X, the best practices for succeeding with Jenkins X yourself, and how to best leverage Jenkins X alongside your other technologies. There’s no better place to meet the people and learn the technologies behind Jenkins X than at DevOps World | JenkinsWorld. Add the below sessions to your schedule, and if you aren’t registered, get registered now !

Jenkins X Optimized for GCP

This session will cover how to deploy, configure, and use Jenkins X CI/CD pipelines within Google Kubernetes Engine while taking full advantage of Jenkins X native integrations with GCP's services.

Craig Barber - Google - Software Engineer

Pipelines in Jenkins X

This talk will introduce the new ways to define and execute pipelines in Jenkins X serverless, using the Tekton Pipelines execution engine behind the scenes. We'll go over everything from the new YAML syntax used to define explicit pipelines in your repository, to how you can use build packs without needing to define pipelines in the repository.

Andrew Bayer - CloudBees - Senior Software Engineer

Cloud Native CI/CD with Jenkins X and Tekton

In this session, we’ll explain the CI/CD challenges in a cloud native landscape, and show how Jenkins X rises to them by leveraging open source cloud-native technologies like Tekton. We will describe how the Jenkins X project has evolved on its own cloud-native journey and the benefits we gain by using the cloud.

James Rawlings - CloudBees - Engineering

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