You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Clound-Dog… with an iPad

In late December, we launched a little challenge - publish a sample “Hello Java in the Cloud” application on the CloudBees PaaS, which takes only minutes. And if you’re lucky, win an iPad2! If you did something creative with your app, you got entered three times to win.

Well, Hannu Leinonen in Helsinki got lucky! His app, featuring a face that can break hearts, got entered three times for coolness, and the third entry scored the big prize.

clound dog

Even better, for every app deployed and tweeted, CloudBees promised to donate $5 to the International Committee of the Red Cross… and for every additional tweet (by anyone), another $1. Many thanks to all of you who participated! Thanks to you, we’re donating several hundred $$ to the Red Cross!

Special recognition also goes out to Fran Garcia, who not only created a clever app, but who raised the most money for the Red Cross with 80 retweets!



viva spain

If you missed this round of the challenge, no worries – stay tuned because we’ll be doing a similar one next month! This time we’ll feature cats, cloud magic and more tweets…