The Yin and Yang of DevOps Transformation

Written by: Electric Bee
2 min read
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At the beginning of this month I had the honor of giving a talk at the DevOps Enterprise Conference in London about the "Yin and Yang of DevOps " - the dualities that you see as you undergo the journey to transform the way you deliver software.
In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represent seemingly opposing, yet complementary, elements that
must work in harmony to maintain balance and effectiveness. In today’s software economy, DevOps requires traditionally conflicting teams (Dev and Ops) to work in harmony to maintain stability while delivering continuous change. But delving deeper, we discover other significant DevOps dualities that must interact in harmony to form an effective dynamic system.
Watch the recording of my talk below to explore these DevOps dualities and the ways organizations can empower DevOps teams to flourish, by providing the necessary mindset, culture and technologies they need to success and accelerate the rate of software innovation they deliver to the world.

DOES UK was a great event, and we're all looking forward to DevOps Enterprise Summit coming to San Francisco this November.
Stay tuned for videos of other excellent talks from the event as they become available. In the meantime, check out my reprise of the London conference , and be sure to get your conference pass to join us in San Francisco!

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