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As you certainly already know, CloudBees is organizing our annual user conference named DevOps Enterprise in cooperation with IT Revolution (a company founded by Gene Kim , a well known DevOps advocate and author of The Phoenix Project ) on October 21-23 in San Francisco. There are some amazing speakers from large companies lined up to discuss their experiences with Continuous Delivery and DevOps at the conference.
If the speakers alone are not enough to have you register, let me give a few more reasons you may want to attend.

Free training

We will be offering free CloudBees Accelerator and ElectricCommander training ahead of the conference for any registered attendee. So come learn from the people who use these tools day in and day out, to improve your knowledge and optimize your processes.

Access to our engineers

We will be staffing the CloudBees equivalent of a “Genius Bar” at the show, where you can ask our engineers all your technical questions and get answers in real-time from folks who have seen it all!

Customer use-cases

In addition to the marketing and technical presentations from CloudBees employees, a lot of the sessions are reserved for customers like you to share the ways CloudBees products help them in their day to day operation. I’ve always found it very interesting to hear how people and companies can use the same tools completely differently depending on their needs and their business context.


In my opinion, this is the best part of the conference and I’m not talking about the part where you grow your network on LinkedIn. So far, I’ve attended more of CloudBees's conferences as an CloudBees customer than as an employee - and I’ve learned a lot from other customers. I found that with both the Industry being there, as well as other customers - you get a lot done!
Let me give you two examples to illustrate my point:
During my first year, I learned from a competitor in the EDA industry how to use a remote cluster manager for CloudBees Accelerator. I don’t think the CloudBees team was hiding the information from us but it was simply a use case they had not considered at the time. Without having met this customer at the event, I would have never benefitted from this information.
Last year, I was having dinner with a few customers and some of my colleagues. On our way to the restaurant, a SpaceX employee asked me a question, and I began to answer. I told him, though, that no matter what I say to him, he should take everything with a grain of salt as I was an CloudBees employee. I then realized that an employee from a Lego - a customer of ours - was with us. I suggested SpaceX directed their question to the Lego employee, to get the whole, unbiased, story. I don’t remember all the details of that conversation, but suffice to say SpaceX is now an CloudBees customer. The conference is your best chance to hear it from the horse's mouth, and to learn how are other customers using our solutions.

As a three-time customer attendee (and two time employee-attendee!), I encourage you to attend DevOps Enterprise 2014 . If you do, be sure to come and introduce yourself - as I will be attending again (my 6th year). I’m looking forward to speaking with our customers and learning from them at the event.

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