Who drives DevOps in your organization?

Written by: Electric Bee
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I attended an interesting DevOps meet-up event in Silicon valley two weeks ago - http://www.meetup.com/SVDevOps/events/53690892/
And a very exciting debate broke out at this event: Who drives DevOps – Dev or Ops? (sidebar note – only in Silicon Valley can you get 100+ passionate Ops/Dev people to show up to a DevOps meet-up)
The Ops folks – about 80 of the crowd - believed strongly that it was they who are driving DevOps to be a reality. These Ops folks believe that Ops can do better to enable Devs by putting the abilities of Ops at Devs immediate disposal, but not without them also getting some of the responsibility (Devs get to be on-call for their changes). So these Ops are driving DevOps so that they get out of the critical path of getting quality applications released to customers.
The Dev folks had a slightly different take. They see it as Ops holding back the customer delivery of the work they've done. Their work doesn't get to users quickly enough and so they are frustrated, and have taken matters into their own hands. Some on the Dev side look at DevOps more as NoOps (a VERY controversial term) indicating that with proper PaaS, there should be no need for traditional Ops.
As vendors in this space, we have seen the scars from the battle on both sides of this equation, and we believe that regardless of who is driving it, the DevOps movement has both sides working together towards a single goal, and this is a good thing for the business. DevOps is good for everyone – higher quality and differentiated applications makes it faster to the customer – and Dev and Ops can share in the success.
Who drives DevOps in your organization?

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