When is Open Source not Enough?

Written by: Electric Bee
1 min read
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I recently contributed an article to CM Crossroads on when (or whether) to upgrade from an open source Continuous Integration (CI) system to a fully automated enterprise system. It’s a question we get a lot. To help our customers assess their needs, I always start by asking these seven questions:

  • Are you creating builds more than once a day?

  • Do you have multiple end products (targets, platforms) for your builds?

  • Is your current CI environment made up of multiple, standalone systems throughout the company?

  • Are your teams geographically dispersed?

  • Is it difficult to scale your build-test-deploy environment to the next level?

  • Are there barriers to sharing and reusing scripts?

  • Is it challenging to track builds over time and conduct cross-project reporting?

If the answer is yes to two or more of the above questions, it's usually a sign that the CI environment has become too complex for open source. While making a tool switch may sound painful, the performance improvement and reduced scripting/maintenance you realize from the change is almost always worth the effort.

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