What practitioners and executives can expect to learn at DevOps World 2022

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DevOps World 2022 is just around the corner. On September 27, the DevOps community will descend on Orlando, Florida, for three days of immersive trainings, insightful sessions, and in-person discussions. With more than 100 speaker breakout sessions from industry experts across 18 countries, the event is ready to deliver.

This year's theme is the DevOps Remix. DevOps World 2022 is leaning into the faster tempo and rapid changes that come with modern DevOps deployments to provide a more nimble, energized, and harmonious environment.

That's the TL;DR version. Curious about what else you'll learn at this year's DevOps World? Let's dive in.

Time for the remix

The DevOps Remix has arrived. With global leaders set to gather again in person (and online), this year's theme truly fits the times: Everything about work has changed, and it's time for a new version of a great song.

With a focus on new perspectives, hands-on learning, inspirational keynotes, and great networking and events, DevOps World 2022 won't just be a great time, it also has the potential to help companies better understand problematic paradigms and embrace the need for continual evolution. From progressive software delivery to value stream management (VSM), AIOps and XOps, everything is part of the mix when it comes to making DevOps better by creating new paths and enabling faster code releases.

It's time for a new beat and a new chorus. It's time for DevOps to take center stage as the new way forward and the new sound on the block. Let's see what's in store.

The practitioner perspective

DevOps World 2022 is chock-full of great speakers and sessions that offer actionable insights for practitioners. Some of the highlights include the following:

"Full Stack Developer Experience: Grow Your Developer Community by Building an Open and Easy-to-Use Platform" — Eric Thiel, Global Head of Developer Experience at Cisco

How do you grow your developer community? What's holding you back, and where can you improve? Check out Eric Thiel's session to learn more about creating an open and easy-to-use developer platform that helps reduce friction and encourages developer participation.

Practitioners can bring back actionable advice that both lets them create a better developer pipeline and provides the foundation for further development.

"Moving to Microservices With Jenkins" — Mendy Baitelman, Sr. Director, Dev Process & Quality Assurance at PRODEGE

Making the move to microservices from monolith-based architecture isn't always easy. Not sure where to get started? Mendy Baitleman has you covered with a look at how to make Jenkins jobs, shared libraries, JCASC, Docker, and Terraform work for your team, and how you can leverage tiny release teams to change deployments at scale.

You'll come back well-equipped to make microservices work for you, even if you're still dealing with a massive amount of monolithic architecture.

"So. Many. Vulnerabilities. Why Are Containers Such a Mess and What to Do About It" — Eric Smalling, Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk

Containers are equal parts bane and boon for many businesses. Although they offer the benefit of portable, scalable applications that work with any platform, they also introduce the potential for security vulnerabilities. Eric Smalling is here to help with actionable tips to help avoid common container mistakes and build safer containers from the start. He's also got great advice: Stop trying to make developers into security analysts. Come see why.

Sure, your team might have questions when you get back, but you'll have great answers about how to better manage security vulnerabilities and address some of the top container challenges.

"How to Incorporate Your Application Data Into Your CI/CD Pipelines" — Cassiano Ziegler Bein, Senior Solutions Architect at MongoDB

Speed is central to the DevOps remix. Cassiano Ziegler Bein dives into ways that practitioners can automate software development lifecycle (SDLC) database environments, create reusable workflows, and use logged and traceable changes to better manage database configurations. The result? Your team is better able to incorporate application data into CI/CD pipelines to underpin the agility and flexibility necessary for effective DevOps in 2022.

In practice, this means you come back with actionable knowledge about automated SDLC database environments that pay line-of-business dividends.

"Speeding up Jenkins, Maven, and Gradle With a Build Cache" — Justin Reock, Field CTO and Chief Evangelist at Gradle, Inc.

Jenkins, Maven, and Gradle offer a host of functionality, but this doesn't mean they're perfect. Justin Reock explores the concept and impact of developer productivity engineering (DPE) and how it can help practitioners and team leaders better meet both software and business goals by integrating a build cache into these tools. Reock also dives into the overarching concept of DPE, which is often considered the successor to agile processes thanks to its focus on acceleration technologies to speed up software build, test, and analytics processes.

Equipped with DPE knowledge, practitioners are prepared to head home and start implementing this process across their DevOps environment.

The executive experience

DevOps World 2022 also offers a host of sessions and connections for executives looking for that next edge on the competition.

"Effectively Using DORA and SPACE Frameworks to Improve Value Stream Management & Delivery" — Sumit Agarwal, Vice President of DevOps at Broadridge, and Nishant Doshi, Founder and CEO at Propelo

Metrics matter for DevOps success. But, how do executives effectively collect and apply this data at scale? Join Sumit Agarwal and Nishant Doshi as they explore the DORA and SPACE frameworks for VSM and provide a step-by-step approach to building a DevOps metric roadmap that delivers engineering excellence. See how these frameworks can help enhance both VSM and delivery without sacrificing the specificity that DevOps requires.

For executives, this session lays the groundwork for boardroom efforts that talk about metrics and take relevant action to capture key data insights.

"Modern Software Delivery - Go Fast, Go Safe - Secure Digital Transformation in 2022 and Beyond" — Michael Bevilacqua, Chief Architect and Sr. Director of Engineering at CloudBees

Quick and controlled. That's the goal for digital transformation in 2022 and beyond. But, how do you get from here to there? Micheal Bevilacqua takes aim at best practices for moving safely, enabling engineering success in a changing landscape and leveraging modern software delivery to underpin secure transformation. With DevOps now evolving faster than ever, the need for secure and speedy processes has never been greater. Companies can't afford to fall behind, but can't go so fast they run the risk of a compromise or breach.

Equipped with feedback from hundreds of engineers, Bevilacqua can help executives pinpoint potential problems and take steps to blend speed and safety at scale.

"Women in Tech: It's Our Table" — Hope Lynch, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cloudbees

Taking a seat at the table was the first step. Now, it's time for women to explore all the ways they can contribute to executive leadership across the organization. Join Hope Lynch for a look at some of the major technology milestones led by women, how the brain power of women can help improve their enterprise's bottom line, and what tangible opportunities exist for women to make their mark today.

Given the critical role of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in both corporate reputation and employee satisfaction, this is an essential session for any executive looking to maximize their company's DevOps impact.

"ADSOME MAGIC to Efficiently Create the Enterprise Digital Transformation Roadmap" — Mark Sternberger, President at MarkITS

Struggling with your digital transformation roadmap? ADSOME magic. Mark Sternberger offers an overview of the Agile-DevSecOps Maturity Enablement (ADSOME) framework and how it can help companies create effective roadmaps to achieve compounding productivity gains.

Every executive likes to hear about productivity gains, especially year over year. Sternberger's session provides the ADSOME overview C-suite members need to take this approach back to the office and make it a part of everyday DevOps culture.

"The Compliance Tax and How It Is Slowing Innovation" — Tim Johnson, Director of Product Marketing at CloudBees

Compliance is creating a barrier to innovation. Tim Johnson offers a model for calculating the total cost of your security and compliance burden and digs into the role of automation in creating continuous compliance that makes room for innovation. He also explores the impact of "shift-left" as a DevOps anti-pattern and what executives can do to empower teams without ending up on the wrong side of compliance.

Put simply? Compliance concerns are inevitable and ongoing. By understanding what it costs your organization, you can start taking steps to pay less tax without putting regulatory rigor at risk.

Ready to see (and hear) what else the DevOps Remix has to offer? Come explore DevOps World 2022.

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