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If you’ve never heard of South by Southwest (SXSW ), it’s awesome. What began as a Music Festival with around 700 attendees (first held in 1987 in Austin, Texas) has rapidly evolved into an internationally renowned music, film and interactive technology event that brings more than 70,000 people together each year. The goal? To provide a unique venue that brings creative people together from a wide area to meet and share disruptive ideas that will change our tomorrow.
This year, more than 3,300 entries were submitted as potential sessions for the South by Southwest 2015 Interactive panels alone, which focus on creative, innovation and inspiration across many industries. And thanks to all the support we garnered, we are excited to announce that two out of the roughly 400 chosen talks will be presented by CloudBees employees!
Before we get into our SXSW presentations for the main event in Austin, our CEO Steve Brodie also currently has a presentation under voting consideration (until January 23, 2015) for SXSW’s V2V event being held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas this July.
SXSW V2V is a four-day event for startups and entrepreneurs, featuring educational panels and discussions, intensive hands-on learning, great networking events, and more. Please help us in voting for Steve’s presentation here - a talk to business professionals about “What Entrepreneurial CEOs Can Learn from Software Development Best Practices.”

Now onto ElectricCloud's talk @ SXSW 2015:

  • “Web vs. Mobile – The Continuous Delivery Difference” - presented by Prathap Dendi , vice president of business development at CloudBees, and Kevin Rohling , founder of Cisimple (now Ship.io ).
    During this session, Prathap and Kevin will break down the lessons learned from Continuous Delivery in enterprise and web application environments, and center the discussion on how and why mobile app development is a completely different animal – from testing and automated workflow practices to the overall Continuous Integration process.
    For more info on this talk see here .

  • “Learn to Embrace your Immutable Servers" - presented by Nikhil Vaze , senior software engineer at CloudBees.
    Nikhil will discuss how globally dispersed developers and QA can get on the same page with open source tools. Nikhil also will share his experience implementing Continuous Delivery within his engineering organization, while discussing the benefits (including real performance numbers ) and the technical and cultural challenges he and his colleagues faced.
    For more info on this talk see here .

Thanks to everyone for their support in making this happen and showing enthusiasm for the topics our experts are bringing to the SXSW table.
Our shared passion for software and your desire to learn more about Continuous Delivery further proves that “software has eaten the world.” Our SXSW team looks forward to sharing their knowledge and experiences with you in Austin during the week of March 13th . We’ll be able to tap into the world of Continuous Delivery, DevOps and open source together to show how these methodologies help organizations become “agile” when it comes to software.
Registration to the event is required to attend these sessions live, so we encourage you to purchase your pass . (Also, note that while SXSW always sells out fast, the hotel spaces sell out even faster. )
See you in Austin!

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