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Software is everywhere and is certainly in the limelight these days – the good, the bad and the ugly. Many of us long-time industry veterans aren’t surprised that software is now front-page news. “Code” developed quietly beneath the surface of public-facing business processes is very front-and-center today. Just look at Healthcare.gov and all of the software-related auto recalls! Software can and does save lives. It can also cost automakers billions of dollars, and can ground the on-time delivery of next-generation military systems if not taken seriously. The millions of lines of code that make up the goods in the world we live in – everything from smart cars, mobile apps and games, to our network connected appliances and machines – are just a small sampling of the ways software is rooted in almost everything we see, do and use. As the role of software has evolved in everyday life, so too has our industry. With the signing of the Agile Manifesto some 13 years ago, the software industry has collectively responded by delivering quality applications more efficiently across many industries, including networking, mobile devices, semiconductors, gaming, web, enterprise IT, and automotive. From small teams to enterprise-wide initiatives, Agile has evolved beyond managing projects and people, and into the heart-and-soul of software delivery and production. However, we now know that “Agile” by itself isn’t enough. It was really just the first step. Two new practices have grown in importance in the software development world over the past few years: DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Both require software engineering, test, IT Ops and the business teams to work together like never before. And both require automation to ensure that build, test and deployment processes don’t become software bottlenecks. Continuous Delivery practices are intended to ensure that software is always “release ready,” and put the decision as to when to release into the hands of the business. This “release readiness” is becoming increasingly critical for all software organizations, regardless of whether they are developing embedded, enterprise IT, web or mobile applications. As Agile created and exposed software delivery bottlenecks, Continuous Delivery has evolved to streamline and automate software delivery processes. For CloudBees, we’ve seen a similar evolution. For more than a decade we have worked with some of the largest and most innovative software organizations. Our ElectricCommander and CloudBees Accelerator offerings have been critical in helping them streamline their application delivery – and many of our customers claim they couldn’t “do what they do” without CloudBees. As the industry evolves – along with the needs of our customers – so too has CloudBees. In fact, today marks a major milestone in our company’s evolution. In addition to a new web site and corporate brand overhaul, CloudBees is on the move with new offices, a growing staff and, most importantly, new innovation aimed to make Continuous Delivery accessible, easy to deploy and as routine as pushing a button. We’re also directing our energy and part of the $12 million we just raised to advance Continuous Delivery through thought leadership and the sharing of our deep experience in this space. When you think of Continuous Delivery, we hope you’ll think of CloudBees! So, here’s a quick run-down of what we’re oh-so-excited to launch today. It’s all part of the evolution of our company – and how we are 100 percent committed to helping our customers, partners and the industry at-large make Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery a smashing success!

Product Innovation – two new solutions for Continuous Delivery automation and acceleration:

  1. CloudBees Flow ® is a new family of Continuous Delivery applications that power Continuous Delivery at scale. CloudBees Flow features a next-generation deployment automation application called Deploy that automates and standardizes software deployments throughout the delivery process. This new application now changes the game in usability from any mobile or desktop device.

  2. CloudBees Accelerator® Huddle ® is a free product that dramatically accelerates software builds and tests for development teams. It empowers teams to be more agile and productive by tapping into unused desktop CPU capacity within a peer-to-peer group of developers to reduce cycle times.

Thought Leadership and Community Building:

To champion the adoption of Continuous Delivery, we’ve established a global thought leader network including the industry’s most eminent Continuous Delivery and DevOps thought leaders. Members include Jez Humble, Gary Gruver and Gene Kim, each of whom is recognized for their roles in defining Continuous Delivery and DevOps. In October, we are hosting The DevOps Enterprise Summit with IT Revolution founder and noted DevOps author and researcher Gene Kim. This is the first industry event targeted at the adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery in the enterprise. The conference will feature industry leaders who are driving enterprise transformations at Disney, Macy's, GE and many more leading organizations, who will be telling their DevOps stories, lessons learned, etc. We hope you will join us for this event that uniquely addresses the new and emerging challenges that software-driven organizations face when adopting and scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices across the enterprise. Additionally, we’ve launched the The Continuous Delivery Technology Alliance with some of the best-of-breed web, enterprise IT and mobile software and service providers, including Rally Software, Perforce, Parasoft, Chef, Wind River and most recently, AppDynamics and Siemens PLM. CloudBees is partnering with these and other industry leaders in technology to provide an integrated, heterogeneous solution for customers, allowing single-click software delivery solutions that go from product design all the way to product release and maintenance. As you can see, there are lots of great things happening here at CloudBees – as there is in our industry! I’m so proud to be a part of this company, and this industry, during these exciting times. We’re all evolving together toward a common goal – “build better software faster.” I’d love to hear from you, and how your organization is evolving too. Oh, and stay tuned, there’s much more to look forward to from CloudBees!

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