Weekly Top 10: I Dev. You Ops. We All Scream for DevOps

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This week’s top news continues to discuss the trends we've seen frequently recently: Everyone wants to rapidly deliver high quality software like unicorns and leading practitioners Netflix, Etsy and Facebook are able to , but no one is sure where to begin their transformations. Maintaining security and compliance are still major concerns to those in the federal sector or large enterprise when attempting to accelerate their legacy systems. However, the inevitability of DevOps, Continuous Delivery, ARA etc. are becoming adopt-or-die business processes and are beginning to be seen as an even larger threats to those hesitant to transform.
This week SD Times announced the 2015 SDTimes 100 winners , which CloudBees is extremely proud to be a part of. As our CEO, Steve Brodie put it , "This award demonstrates CloudBees's drive to help businesses deliver better software faster by accelerating and automating their Continuous Delivery processes." CloudBees was in great company with the 99 other software vendors and solutions listed by the trade magazine. If you review the names included, you will see why MongoDB’s CEO said 'Developers will be some of the most highly paid employees in any company.'
The tools recognized this year by SD Times have a central theme: Improving software quality and lifecycles – fast. The combination of development and operations into DevOps is essential in increasing value and decreasing errors. Don’t take our word for it – check out, “How DevOps could save the world; like your colleagues’ day ,” or any of the below articles for more insight on why everyone is screaming for DevOps.

1 How Netflix Manages Security in the Age of DevOps

By Rachel King, @sfwriter | Published on the Wall Street Journal, @WSJ
At Netflix, engineers deploy code thousands of times per day. To maintain this pace, the streaming media company uses a method of software development that promotes close collaboration between engineers and product deployment called DevOps. It’s a pace that’s not for the faint of heart, particularly when it comes to security. Netflix has more than 62 million subscriber accounts to protect worldwide. “The majority of security practitioners view DevOps as a huge threat,” said Gene Kim, co-author of a book about IT and DevOps called “The Phoenix Project.”

In case you missed it: How @netflix Manages Security in the Age of #DevOps : http://t.co/PCA5x597QE #DOES14 @sfwriter @WSJ

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) June 3, 2015

2 Are DevOps The Best Route For Government Agencies To The Cloud?

By Christine Kern | Published on Business Solutions Magazine, @bsminfo http://www.bsminfo.com/doc/are-devops-the-best-route-for-government-agencies-to-the-cloud-0001
Approximately two-thirds of Feds think DevOps will help agencies transition to the cloud faster and improve IT collaboration and migration speed — but they can’t do it alone. These are the findings of a new study by MeriTalk and underwritten by Accenture Federal Services, titled “The Agile Advantage: Can DevOps Move Cloud to the Fast Lane?”. Federal agencies are not making the shift to the cloud as quickly as anticipated. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported agencies have increased cloud investment levels by just 1 percent over the past two years.

Are #DevOps The Best Route For #Government Agencies To The Cloud? http://t.co/JsFXG3qqul @bsminfo pic.twitter.com/YMwhaNPVqV — DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) June 3, 2015

3 DevOps Landscape 2015: The Race to the Management Layer

By Kevin Fischer, @KFishner | Published on The New Stack, @thenewstack
“There has been so much activity in DevOps tooling and best practices in the past few months that it has become difficult to understand the current and future state of the industry. This summary is the outcome of explaining HashiCorp’s thoughts on the current DevOps landscape and future roadmap.”

4 2015 SDTimes 100 Announced – CloudBees Named for 9th year

Published on SDTimes, @sdtimes
If there’s one thing we know about technology, it’s that it comes and goes. What was hot 10 years ago isn’t even mentioned today, unless you’re reminiscing about the old days. While we often lament the passing into “legacy” status of our favorite technologies, the editors of SD Times are charged each year with identifying the prized new innovative efforts, as well as recognizing those hoary tools and frameworks that have demonstrated leadership over the years.

Still stoked on our recent #2015SDTimes100 recognition for #ALM & #Software Development tools! pic.twitter.com/h1NPMebaBw

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 4, 2015

5 Beginning software delivery acceleration with DevOps

By James Fryman, @jfryman | Published on OpenSource.Com, @opensourceway **** http://opensource.com/business/15/6/beginning-software-delivery-acceleration
Time and time again, we hear of companies achieving rapid acceleration with DevOps. Companies are touting success with the metric of deploys per day, sharing new baselines of 10, 50, or even 100 deploys a day. In more mature organizations, like LinkedIn, Netflix, Etsy, Facebook, and others, this number is a startling 1,000+ number. But, what does this even mean?

6 “Why you’ll NEVER Nail that DevOps Interview”

By Nir Cohen, @thinkops | Published on Venture Beat, @VentureBeat
“I’d suggest recruiters venture out into the wild and really find those passionate individuals who care enough to enrich themselves. You’ll know them by their digital footprint on sites like Stack Exchange, or by the fact that they’re taking an active part in the community — anything from attending meetups, DevOps Days, or VelocityConfs to taking part in active discussions online in mailing lists or open spaces. Listen. You might just find what you’re looking for.”

BTW- Nir Cohen was also a guest panelist on our recent c9d9 on Ops Monitoring and CD - check out what he had to say.

7 DevOps is the ‘End of Security as we Know it’ … in a Good Way

Published on InfoSecurity Magazine, @InfosecurityMag
DevOps represents “the end of security as we know it” but also a fantastic opportunity to build security into products including IoT technologies right from the start of the development lifecycle, experts have argued. Speaking on the keynote stage at Infosecurity Europe 2015 in London on Tuesday, Sophos global head of security research, James Lyne, argued that DevOps itself is a product of IT teams working more closely and empathetically together.

8 'Developers will be some of the most highly paid employees in any company', says MongoDB CEO

By Sooraj Shah @Sooraj_Shah | Published on Computing.co.uk, wqe5 @Computing_news
"Developers are getting more and more power; I think developers will be some of the most highly paid employees - not just in a tech company but in any company because software and tech are going to be intrinsic to a company's competitive advantage.”

9 How DevOps could save the world; like your colleagues’ day

By Bertrand Besnard | Published on DevOps.com, @devopsdotcom
DevOps is about a few things but above all, it’s about communication and understanding each other. In that spirit, I decided to create a new day to celebrate: “Like your colleagues’ day”. The rules are simple: The first rule of like your colleagues’ day is: You do not talk about Fight…

10 Cloud Connectivity: Traversing the path from data center to enterprise user

By Mary Stanhope, @MEStanhope | Published on CloudTweaks, @cloudtweaks
“Industry analysts that follow enterprise organizations and the proliferation of Cloud computing are in overwhelming agreement: the Cloud is growing, and its proliferation is forever changing the business landscape. By 2018, more than 60 percent of enterprises will have at least half of their infrastructure on Cloud-based platforms.”

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