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To stay fluid and increasingly responsive to customer expectations, user feedback and business needs, enterprises cannot only continuously improve , but must continuously innovate . This week’s top news showcases the enterprise as the driving force behind software delivery innovation.
Analyst Martin Kuppinger, succinctly summed up exactly what’s putting the fire underneath these organizations. “Digital transformation is unstoppable and affects every industry and business,” he said, “all organizations need to understand what they need to do to mitigate risk.” The bigger they are, the harder they fall - The savvy enterprise has wizened up and evolved to react.
Over a decade ago, the Agile Manifesto and its revolutionary ideas around people, processes and tools gained momentum and spread like wild fire through grass roots. Today, as descried by Clint Boulton in the WSJ’s CIO Journal, Agile software development is catching on in the mainstream. However, agility at scale is no easy feat and in order to achieve “Enterprise Agility,” large organizations have driven the evolution of new concepts and technologies inspired by the original “Agile Revolution” which was lead by startups and small teams.
The enterprise and its most innovative minds are communicating and collaborating in unprecedented manners to develop solutions to the bottlenecks and pitfalls encountered with Agile at scale. Read more on the “crucial long-term shifts in the technology market that organizations simply must invest in, ” in this weeks most popular industry-news links according to our followers @ElectricCloud and @DOESsummit below -
1. Closing the gap between executives and digital transformation
“Many organizations today are findings themselves at the digital crossroads: They have an enormous stake in how the business operates today, yet the world is changing at an all-time fast rate, requiring ever greater commitment to change, often down multiple competing paths. The frustration is knowing which are short-term fads and which actually represent crucial long-term shifts in the technology market that organizations simply must invest in.”

Closing the gap between executives and digital transformation: http://t.co/h1BfO2Eb8l @ZDNet @dhinchcliffe #DevOps pic.twitter.com/PvuSIpeezL

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 1, 2015

2. Digital transformation affects every business, says Martin Kuppinger
“Digital transformation is unstoppable and affects every industry and business, according to KuppingerCole principal analyst Martin Kuppinger. It is far wider than just the internet of things ,” he told the opening session of the 2015 European Identity & Cloud (EIC) conference taking place in Munich. “This means all organisations need to understand what they need to do to mitigate the risks,” said Kuppinger.”

Digital transformation affects every business, says @MartinKuppinger : http://t.co/JxDze9dX7q @ComputerWeekly #IT pic.twitter.com/K8kgdouOEB — DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) May 6, 2015

3. Security, DevOps and the shift to a software supply chain
“Security teams have traditionally been known as roadblocks rather than speed enhancers to development processes. But looking at it from the perspective of creating an effective software security supply chain, security actually plays a role in further speeding up production if it is helping organizations depend on higher quality components of production code and the code running infrastructure.”

Security, DevOps & the shift to a software supply chain http://t.co/MWZsVzLnfR @devopsdotcom @joshcorman @ErickaChick pic.twitter.com/w4hN2Dkkyl

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) May 1, 2015

4. CloudBees Presents Six Events In May 2015 To Learn About Continuous Delivery And DevOps Automation
“CloudBees announced six educational events this month to help software organizations build quality software faster by automating and accelerating build, test and deployment processes at scale.”

We're Presenting 6 Events In May Around #ContinuousDelivery And #DevOps Automation http://t.co/kQxvjCu3SD pic.twitter.com/cQsFRejgBf — CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 4, 2015

5. How DevOps can ‘prevent critical issues’ by making enterprise IT ‘more fluid and agile’
Twelve months ago, DevOps was barely on the radar for many IT leaders, but since then the concept of development and operations teams collaborating as one has gained more and more traction… "If you take the example of critical issues like systems being down, operations not being able to run, a lot of that happens because there's not enough collaboration and co-operation between the operations and the development teams," said Ahmed.”
6. 8 Things IT Ops Hates – And What Devs Can Do to Help
“The concept—and even the very name—DevOps clearly suggests that dev and ops teams need to work together. But in the real world, the two sides often have very different considerations and perspectives. And all too often, the ops side gets left holding the short end of the stick. So in the spirit of helping devs better understand ops, I present eight things that can drive even the sunniest IT ops folks to question their career choices—and offer suggestions on how devs can help relieve some of the pressure.”

8 Things IT Ops Hates--And What Devs Can Do to Help, via @TheFreditor : http://t.co/4m995owPmm #devops @DZone pic.twitter.com/D17RMNJd4y

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 6, 2015

7. What You Need to Know to Make Deployment Automation Work for Your Business
“Deployment automation is becoming more of a requirement for software development teams that are looking to remain competitive. While there are many benefits, there are also a number of areas to consider before implementing a deployment automation solution as part of your software development and release process.”
8. Q&A from our Scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery Webinar with Gene Kim and Anders Wallgren
“Last week, Gene Kim – co-author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win and founder of IT Revolution Press and Anders Wallgren – CTO of CloudBees joined forces for a great webinar on Scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery (you can now watch the on-demand replay). We had a great turnout with lots of conversation – our informal video-chat moderated discussion surfaced some great information around the advantages and disadvantages that large (or small) organizations have when pursuing DevOps; the best ways to start the DevOps journey; and ‘gotchas’ to look out for.”

Q&A recap from webinar w/ @RealGeneKim & @anders_wallgren http://t.co/1OgcoXkERo Hint: Look for #DOES15 discount code pic.twitter.com/2WMY3fVw46
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) May 5, 2015

9. Agile Software Development Catches On in the Mainstream
“Although the methods, where IT and the business work together under tighter feedback loops and release software faster and more in line with current business requirements, originated in the tech sector, they are migrating deeper into many industries. They are gaining traction because business cycles have accelerated, while technological advancements have made it easier for companies to swiftly enter new markets, says Forrester Research Inc. analyst Jeffrey Hammond.”
10. Enterprise Software Companies Need to be Customer Centric | 1 & 1
“Usage Visibility is the idea of having the software monitor what capabilities users, by role, were utilizing. Todd made the point that training was not enough. Training is a point in time activity and unless the functionality is used regularly, the training is all too easily forgotten. But if the software can send messages to users saying that 20 percent of users in your role are using a particular function, and this function has this advantage, do you want to consider using it as well?”

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