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We’ve seen the future, and it’s DevOps.
This week’s top news shared on @ElectricCloud and @DOESsummit had a distinct focus on the many opportunities and new frontiers becoming available to the IT world thanks to DevOps, Continuous Delivery and the community of innovators behind the movements. Our CEO Steve Brodie, Forbes contributes Ben Kepes and an entire industry of pros shared their thoughts this week on just how bright the future of DevOps looks.
We are still aware of the challenges that acceleration of your software delivery has brought up though. Like last week, security with DevOps is still a major concern . However, the business value is undeniable now, and we see more and more guides to implementing these techniques into big business and the enterprise. Why? ““DevOps” is one of the hottest trends in software because of four main things: It improves the frequency of software deployment, and works to ensure a lower failure rate for software releases.”
Check out more of the top DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile software development news below, and engage with us on twitter to have your opinion on what matters heard!
1 DevOps – a long or short term solution?
It used to be considered acceptable for each technical discipline to work in isolation. Developers, system administrators, testers etc. would work on tasks with very little or no conversation with other IT professionals.
This would often lead to a number of problems, eventually delaying projects or resulting in faulty software.

DevOps – a long or short term solution? @Dhartveld discusses via @Computing_News : http://t.co/1Z144WCjOa #devops

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) May 26, 2015

2 DevOps Careers Offer Many Opportunities
“It's a great time to be in DevOps, as the salaries in this field have risen above the six-figure level, according to a recent survey from Incapsula and DevOps.com. The resulting "DevOps Salary Survey 2015" report indicates that bonuses are common for professionals in this field, and concerns about job security are minimal. As defined by the report, the term DevOps describes an agile approach to software development that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations.”

DevOps Careers Offer Many Opportunities, per new report: http://t.co/89fGqE9ter @baseline_mag @dmccaff #devops pic.twitter.com/i55m9m9CY1 — CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 27, 2015

3 Collision of Ideas, and Dev and Ops, Propels a New Frontier of Innovation
When technology collides with reality, it changes it. With the wave of tech innovations we are seeing now, words like impossible seem more like dares than ultimatums. People continue to think beyond the ordinary limits of what is possible and are now able to solve even age-old problems through a new mindset. Nowhere else is the effect of these disruptions as clear as it was at Collision Conference 2015.

Collision of Ideas Propels New Frontier of Innovation: http://t.co/wQ5ujYBDJ7 @stbrodie @TheEbizWizard #devops pic.twitter.com/K8XUvx8RrQ

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 26, 2015

4 How CIOs Retool Their Workplaces for the Digital Age
CIOs are revamping their workspaces and adding software to fortify employee productivity. "Every percent of productivity is important," says Bank of New York Mellon CIO Suresh Kumar.
5 Putting DevOps at the heart of the business – can security keep up?
From its beginnings in the application development sector, DevOps has grown as an approach to creating, implementing and managing software assets in faster ways. Enterprises are now taking DevOps seriously, and Gartner predicts that by 2016, 25 per cent of global 2000 organizations will employ DevOps as part of their wider IT operations strategy.
6 DevOps with waterfall? Don't waste your time
You can run sprints across a frozen lake too, but you won't get anywhere. If you try to optimize delivery in a waterfall-siloed world, you'll exert lots of energy and feel like you're working hard, but you probably won't deliver the business results you could. You'll keep people busy improving their silos, but you won't really deliver faster. And to the rest of us watching from the agile shore, you'll look pretty comical.
7 c9d9: Powered by the DevOps Community
DevOps is a team sport. It is all about collaboration: bringing people and teams together, asking questions, being open to feedback, and achieving continuous improvement though shared learning and experimentation. Community is at the core of any DevOps initiative. We are all here to get better at getting awesome code...
8 The B2B guide to DevOps
“DevOps” is one of the hottest trends in software because of four main things: It improves the frequency of software deployment, and works to ensure a lower failure rate for software releases. Thirdly DevOps reduces both lead time to release, and the need for manpower to make adjustments through the production phase.
9 Agile, DevOps deliver four-fold productivity improvement at TIAA-CREF
A few years ago, before moving to DevOps, TIAA-CREF reviewed its application development systems and didn't like what it found. The financial firm, which services employees of nonprofit organizations, was spending millions of dollars on a variety of applications but delivering poorly designed, late software. "We constantly scored low in surveys for items like website design," said Scott Blandford (pictured above), executive vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) of Retirement & Individual Financial Services at TIAA-CREF. In response, the business moved from traditional waterfall-development methodologies to an agile-based DevOps approach that lead to dramatic improvements in both employee productivity and system usability.

Agile, #DevOps deliver four-fold productivity improvement at @TC_Talks : http://t.co/SPdtPDDcpP @TechBeaconCom @PaulKorzeniowsk
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) May 27, 2015

10 Is DevOps Dead? LogicMonitor Suggests So But I'm Not So Sure
So here is a great way to get pretty much every Silicon Valley developer, not to mention most forward-looking vendors, riled up. LogicMonitor, a company that offers IT monitoring for operations teams, has come out with a message that most would consider heresy. Of course, there are some pretty major vested interests going on here, but let’s take a look and see how much validity there is anyway.

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