Using CloudBees build servers from your own Jenkins master - Linux and OS-X

Written by: Michael Neale
2 min read
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Hidden in plain sight is this plugin which can be installed in ANY Jenkins. When you install it, you login with your CloudBees details - and then the same build service is available from wherever you run your Jenkins - even on your laptop.

This works by connecting to our "mansion" elastic build service - to use it - you create jobs as normal - but then you tick the "restrict where this build can run" option - and put in the label:

  • lxc-fedora17

  • osx

And your build will run on cloud servers - this gives you fast access to a vast pool of servers allowing lots of concurrent builds if you need them. These are our 2 standard environments - Linux and OSX (at the time of writing) - pick the one that suits. You can also use hi-speed build executors of course.

This is kind of novel - you can run builds locally, via any locally attached build servers, or even on the controller, and by simply labelling things, it will run in the cloud. If you are able to run things in the cloud, but not all your tests/builds, this could be a good compromise: run your own controller, run builds locally that you have to - but whatever you can - run in the cloud to fee up your local resource.

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