UI Improvements to Jenkins and CloudBees CI

Written by: Jake Leon
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One of the biggest benefits CloudBees has is working so closely with the Jenkins community. The Jenkins project consists of more than 1800 plugins and components which are developed by numerous contributors. These contributions enhance the flexible Jenkins architecture to support a wide variety of tool integrations and functionality in the CI/CD space.

We are honored to work with the many open source contributors and recently, there has been a big push by a handful of community members to modernize the Jenkins user interface and experience. CloudBees has adopted these UI/UX improvements and these can be seen in the upcoming CloudBees CI software releases. Here are some of the highlights:  

Plugin Manager

The Plugin Manager was recently improved thanks to the Jenkins UX improvements. You will notice the improved rollback, enable/disable toggle, and uninstall buttons. Additionally, the plugin version is cleanly right next to the plugin name as well as the rounded corners and high resolution you will find throughout all the table changes.

Managed Controller

Managed controllers have a new look as well.  Following the general improvements of rounded corners, high resolution, scalable icons, and improved tooltips which make the overall experience better. 

The commitment and creativity of the Jenkins community and members like Jan Faracik, Alexander Brandes, Tim Jacomb, and Daniel Beck is represented in these UI/UX changes. Benny Cheng, Zbynek Konecny, Feng-Yi Xue also have made significant front-end contributions that we would also like to give sincere recognition to. I would be remiss not to mention the members of the CloudBees Gaia Team, who work diligently to further test and merge these Jenkins UI changes into the CloudBees CI product for our customer’s benefit. The contributions the community members make directly impact CloudBees and our customers, and as you can see, much for the better. There will be more and more UI and UX improvements in the coming releases. You can see these changes in the March release of CloudBees CI with more to come in June! 

This post was written by Senior Product Manager Jake Leon. Jake has worked with enterprise businesses for 5+ years that were all at different stages of their DevOps journey and were using all sorts of different technologies, from mainframes to the cutting edge cloud technologies.

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