Time Bound Analysis of Value Stream Waste

Written by: Karan Malhi
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The CloudBees DevOptics team is proud to announce the availability of a time filter to help you perform DevOps value stream waste analysis.

Value Streams help you surface DevOps waste . Reduced waste is your path to a faster and more stable delivery of a product. While real-time value streams help you track value flow and show you blockages in the flow, it does not provide you the ability to track waste. CloudBees DevOptics’ value streams go one step further by helping you measure throughput and stability of your software delivery by providing the four DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA ) metrics; namely:

  • Deployment Frequency(DF) - higher is better

  • Mean Lead Time(MLT) - lower is better

  • Change Failure Rate (CFR) - lower is better

  • Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) - lower is better

These metrics are not only available at the value stream level, but you also have them available for each gate in the value stream in order to find the gates leading to higher waste.

But, how do you know that you are reducing DevOps waste? You need a way to find out how these metrics changed over a period of time in order to effectively measure performance.

Introducing the time filter

Figure 1: Time Filter allows you to select different time periods

Figure 2: Gate level metrics over a period of 90 days

The CloudBees DevOptics team is really excited about how you can perform waste analysis over different periods of time. You can time bound the metrics computation at the value stream or gate level. CloudBees DevOptics can compute these metrics for as little as the last 24 hours, giving you a precise view of the effect of any waste eliminating actions you took on the Value Stream. You can also download these metrics and perform offline analysis of your own.

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If you’re not already using DevOptics, I encourage you to register and get free access to CloudBees DevOptics CD Platform Monitoring for life. To get access to the value streams functionality and get a demo, click here .

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