Technical Training at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 San Francisco

training sessions at DevOps World Jenkins World 2019Learning is an important part of the Jenkins and DevOps world — we are constantly learning and sharing our knowledge with each other. One of the highlights of DevOps World | Jenkins World is the two days of training we offer before the official opening of the convention.  This year, we have exciting new classes as well as a rerun of the most popular classes from last year.

All CloudBees training is available year-round, both as instructor-led training and self-paced learning.  But the training offered at Jenkins World is always a high point.  This is when we roll out new classes, and some of CloudBees best technical people are on hand to assist with the training. Classes are held on Monday, Aug. 12 and Tuesday, Aug. 13.

CloudBees Core Training

  • Class: CloudBees Core - Fundamentals
  • Day: Monday
  • Prerequisites: Jenkins Administration - Fundamentals or CJE/CCJE Certification

CloudBees Core users (and future CloudBees Core users) are invited to join in the rollout of our revamped CloudBees Core Fundamentals class at Jenkins World.  This class covers the principles of CloudBees Core and the features that are included on all platforms — traditional and modern cloud platforms.  For this rollout event, the traditional labs and lectures will be supplemented with seminar sections where you can discuss best practices with some of CloudBees most senior technical staff.

Much of the class discusses how to use the CloudBees Core features to provide the proper level of control and/or autonomy for different teams, options for allocating agents and other resources that can be shared between teams or reserved for one or more teams, and how to efficiently manage updates and run backups on all masters in the cluster.  After Jenkins World, this class will be available both for self-paced learning and as an instructor-led class but this rollout edition of the class is the only chance you’ll have to discuss the features, architecture, and capabilities of CloudBees Core with so many CloudBees experts.

Jenkins Administration Training

  • Class: Jenkins Administration - Fundamentals
  • Days: Monday
  • Prerequisites: Jenkins - Fundamentals or CJE/CCJE Certification


  • Class: Jenkins Administration - Intermediate
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday
  • Prerequisites: Jenkins Administration - Fundamentals

An updated version of the Jenkins Administration - Fundamentals class that premiered at Jenkins World 2018 discusses features in Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Distribution and is a prerequisite for all CloudBees Core training.  It introduces the Jenkins dashboard and discusses the latest best practices for authorization and maintaining security, managing nodes and agents, using folders to organize teams, applying updates, and running backups.

We are rolling out our new Jenkins Administration - Intermediate class for Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Distribution users this year.  This class builds on the information in the Jenkins Administration - Fundamentals class that we rolled out at last year’s Jenkins World, with more advanced information about managing security, credentials, performance, logging, managing artifacts, disaster recovery, and automating administration tasks.  It also covers Configuration as Code (CasC) and introduces Cloud Native Jenkins (Docker, Kubernetes, etc).

The Jenkins Administration classes are presented by Deepika and Himanshu Gautam of Aplima Solutions, who are the authors of the forthcoming Jenkins Administration book from O’Reilly.  They will be assisted in the classrooms by CloudBees technical staff.  Whether you are new to Jenkins Administration or an experienced administrator wanting to catch up on the latest features and practices of Jenkins, we think you will enjoy and benefit from these classes.  The Jenkins - Fundamentals class is a prerequisite for the Jenkins Administration - Fundamentals class; it is available for free as a self-study module at CloudBees University.  Both classes are prerequisites for the Jenkins Administration - Intermediate class.

Pipeline Training

  • Class: Jenkins Pipelines - Fundamentals
  • Days: Monday
  • Prerequisites: Jenkins - Fundamentals or CJE/CCJE Certification


  • Class: Jenkins Pipelines - Intermediate
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday
  • Prerequisites: Jenkins Pipeline - Fundamentals

We will be presenting the very popular Jenkins Pipeline classes again this year. The Fundamentals class teaches the capabilities of the Jenkins Declarative Pipeline using Blue Ocean and interactive labs. The Intermediate class teaches you to develop Declarative Pipelines outside of Blue Ocean and introduces Scripted Pipelines and the circumstances where they are appropriate.  The bulk of the Intermediate class then teaches how to set up and use Shared Libraries to create common Pipeline code that is called by your Pipelines, which simplifies the process of creating new Pipelines and standardizes functionality across the organization.

Whether you have never created a Pipeline or want to sharpen your Pipeline skills and learn the latest “Best Practices” for Pipeline, we think you will find these classes useful and enjoyable. The  Jenkins - Fundamentals class is a prerequisite for the Jenkins Pipeline - Fundamentals class; it is available for free as a self-study module at CloudBees University. Both classes are prerequisites for the Jenkins Pipeline - Intermediate class.

Register now!

You can register for training when you register for the conference on the DevOps World | Jenkins World home page. If you have already registered for the conference, click the “Already registered?” link and use the Confirmation Code you received in email to access your registration. When you click on “Modify Registration” at the bottom of the screen, you can step through your registration and select the classes for which you want to register.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!