Taming the Android Monster

Written by: Electric Bee
2 min read
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A few weeks ago, we released our Android software delivery solution – which enables Android software teams build, test and release Android solutions more efficiently and faster.
Since that release, we have had many discussions with Android development teams and our hypothesis of the need for such a "delivery solution" has been spot on
Indeed, Android software development teams struggle to build the Android software fast (not just the vanilla OS, but also their value added software); testing Android is a time consuming process (taking anywhere from 5 – 7 hours with Android CTS (compatibility test suite)). And of course, vendor struggle with the matrix problem - many products, many OS's, many software variation. Our solution is built to address exactly these issues and is enabling many such software teams – deliver Android devices faster and with higher quality.
We recently spoke to Tom Williams from RTC magazine and he has written an excellent article on this topic. As Tom writes "The ability to organize, manage and automate the development workflow can go a long way toward shortening this cycle time, especially when that includes making the generated data automatically available to those tasks that need it as well as to developers for use in appropriate reports".
If you're an Android shop struggling to tame the Android monster – lets chat. Most of the largest Android device makers already know the secret to conquering the monster.

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