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Tech content upstart TechBeacon ’s mission is simple, “to connect our readers to leading experts who understands what it takes to succeed.” That is exactly the mentality we see within a very open and collaborative software community. And so, when asked to contribute to TechBeacon, Steve Brodie, our CEO, was happy to share his thoughts on the benefits of Agile and Continuous Delivery (CD) and the evolution in software delivery.
Below is an excerpt from Steve’s article that we’ve expanded upon to outline some of the ROI possibilities that organizations can realize when they extend the benefits of Agile with DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

  • Accelerated Time to Market : CD enables an organization to deliver the business value inherent in new software releases to customers more quickly. This capability helps organizations stay a step ahead of the competition, in today’s competitive economic environment.

  • Building the Right Product : It enables frequent releases and lets application development teams obtain user feedback more quickly. This lets them work on only useful features, helping them build the right product.

  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency : CD provides significant time savings for developers, testers, operations engineers, etc. through automation and shared control and visibility of the entire tool chain.

  • Reliable Releases : It lowers the risks associated with a software release, and helps the release process become more reliable. With Continuous Delivery the deployment process and scripts are tested repeatedly before deployment to production. So, most errors in the deployment process and scripts have already been discovered. With more frequent releases, the number of code changes in each release decreases. This makes finding and fixing any problems that do occur easier, reducing the time in which they have an impact.

  • Improved Product Quality : The number of open bugs and production incidents is decreased significantly.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction : With CD, a higher level of customer satisfaction is achieved.

For more of Steve’s thoughts, and to see what others are sharing on TechBeacon, read the full article here.

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