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Written by: Alyssa Tong
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Without a doubt the first Jenkins User Conference (JUC) will be a huge success. We are only into our third week of registration and have well over 140 attendees signed up for this free event.

Join members of the growing Jenkins community for one jam-packed day of talks, demos, trainings, and lightning talks. This is a great opportunity for Jenkins developers to meet and ask the experts questions, meet fellow Jenkins users, and expand the social network.

We are excited to have knowledgeable Jenkins speakers from well-known SMBs to enterprises - coming together to share their insights and expertise of the present and future technology. Including a special keynote by Jenkins creator, Kohsuke Kawaguchi. Kohsuke will address the state of Jenkins, he plans to present the history of the project, its status today, strategic plans for the future, and its influence as well as impact to the community and users.

Become a sponsor or speaker - to learn more and to attend Jenkins User Conference, visit JUC .

Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Alyssa

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