From SQL to NoSQL: WEAVE@cloud and Cloudant

Written by: Hannah Inman
1 min read
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A guest post by Max Thayer from Cloudant

Almost a year ago, we wrote about using FoxWeave to migrate data into Cloudant . In that year, a lot has changed: CloudBees -- a Java PaaS and an integrated partner of ours -- bought FoxWeave, renamed it WEAVE@cloud , and redesigned the interface. WEAVE@cloud (formerly FoxWeave) remains an effortless way of migrating data into Cloudant from SQL databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostrgreSQL, MS SQL, and others.

In fact, Tom Fennelly, the creator of FoxWeave, and I will be presenting a webinar on six questions to ask regarding how and why to migrate from SQL to NoSQL, this Thursday 9/12/13 at 1pm EST. Sign up!

Some of what we'll discuss:

  • Advantages of NoSQL

  • Mapping SQL concepts to NoSQL

  • Data modeling in NoSQL

  • Architecting NoSQL data for transactions, relations, and more

  • Migrating data to Cloudant using CloudBees WEAVE@cloud

Sound good? Check it out , and we'll see you there :D

-- Max

Max Thayer works at Cloudant as a developer advocate to make building what matters effortless, through examples, stunts, and high fives.

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